Things to Do in Bangor Northern Ireland

things to do in Bangor Northern Ireland

Bangor Northern Ireland is a great town for walking and hiking. There are many scenic beaches and coastal paths to explore.

The North Down Coastal Path extends all the way from Holywood to Orlock. Along this walk you’ll see some beautiful turquoise seas and some fine examples of townhouses.

1. Pickie Fun Park

Bangor’s top family fun attraction, Pickie Fun Park, has a huge range of exciting things to do including steam train rides, mini golf and a giant pedal swan! This fun filled park is at the gateway to the Marine Gardens, a stunning stretch of coast for leisurely walks with amazing views over Bangor Bay and the hills of Antrim beyond.

The North Down Coastal Path is another great option for walkers. Starting from Bangor marina you can ramble along this wild coastline taking in the many coastal habitats and country parks as you go.

2. Bangor Marina

Bangor Marina is home to a range of activities and attractions. Families will enjoy the Pickie Fun Park with its steam train and giant pedal swans while walkers can explore the North Down Coastal Path which extends from Holywood to Orlock.

Those with green thumbs will love the Victorian Walled Garden, designed by the Ward family who lived at Bangor Castle. Castle Park is more wooded than your typical town center park so don’t expect ponds, ducks or swans but it’s great for a romantic stroll or a run with the dogs (and dog walkers and squirrel chasers). The Aurora Leisure Centre features an indoor pool and retro-looking Omniplex cinemas.

3. North Down Coastal Path

One of the best things to do in Bangor is take a stroll along the North Down Coastal Path. This trail runs from Holywood to Bangor, and offers spectacular views of rugged rocky coastlines, pebble and sand beaches, and forest parks.

If you’re into birdwatching, make sure to visit the Copeland Islands, just off the coast of Bangor. These islands are home to a wide variety of birds and wildlife, making them the perfect place for a peaceful nature walk.

Castle Park is another must-visit location in Bangor, with a ton of exciting trees for those big into botany (Full Guide To Castle Park Here). It also has the Victorian Walled Garden, the North Down Museum, and a couple of eateries.

4. Castle Espie

The area surrounding the old town hall or Bangor Castle as it’s often referred to is a great place to start your exploration of Bangor on foot. This is Castle Park and it sits pretty much opposite the train and bus stations.

Visit WWT Castle Espie and enjoy the sights and sounds of this wetland reserve. This is the home of Ireland’s biggest collection of exotic and local birds and you can also see otters here too.

Fledgling naturalists will love family bird-feeding and pond dipping sessions here. Kids can also build dens, balance across rickety bridges and hop around swamp stomp stepping stones.

5. Ward Park

The newest thing to do in Bangor, Ward Park is an attraction for the family. It offers a range of activities including the Pickie Puffer steam train, an adventure play park, electric cars and giant Pickie pedal swans that take four people at a time.

You can also go bowling, tennis or a little zorbing in the park. There are a few cafes for food (general tourist ticks like Ulster Fries and a good ol’ poke) and a bar or two. There are some lovely woods in the park too and a beautiful Victorian walled garden. It is a bit hidden from the main street, along Hamilton Road, but well worth a dig.

6. Aurora Leisure Centre

There are a wealth of things to do in Bangor with the family, from health and fitness classes, a cafe and more. Kids can also get some energy out at the Aurora Leisure Centre.

Kids will love a day out at the Ark Open Farm, where they can meet some farm animals. Or why not take in some history at the North Down Museum?

Those with green fingers will enjoy the Bangor Castle Walled Garden. This is a beautiful garden filled with a variety of flowers and plants, as well as vegetables and herbs. It’s a great place to relax and get away from the hustle and bustle of modern life.

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