How to Get to Mouquim Portugal by Train

How to get to Mouquim Portugal by train

The motherland of great discoverers like Vasco da Gama has a sophisticated transportation sphere with a broad network of trains. Whether you’re visiting the capital Lisbon or exploring sunny Faro in the Algarve, there are several options to choose from. Time-saving modern high-speed train connections are among the most popular methods of transport.

If you’re looking for speed and comfort, the best option is an Alfa Pendular train from Lisbon to Albufeira. This modern tilting high-speed train will get you there in about 2.5 hours. The ticket prices are reasonable and the onboard amenities include free WiFi and power sockets in both 1st & 2nd class. It’s worth booking at least a week in advance to secure the cheapest promo fares.

Another good choice is a fast Intercidade train that connects most major cities. It’s usually faster and more comfortable than the slow Carreiras (trains marked with a “CR”). In fact, it’s the only train that can get you from Lisbon to Porto in under 3 hours!

There are also slower regional trains called ferries that connect Portugal with the islands in the Atlantic. This isn’t the most practical way to travel, but it’s a great option if you want to see the beautiful landscapes of the Portuguese coast or just relax on the beach.

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