How to Get to Areosa Portugal by Train

Areosa is a small town in Portugal with an old-world quarter to explore, rococo palaces to admire and a pre-Christian fort to climb to. It’s well served by train connections that make it easy to connect from Lisbon and Porto.

The most popular way to get around Portugal is by train and the good news is that the country has an excellent rail network that connects most of its towns and cities. Trains are a great choice because they offer a comfortable seat and they’re reasonably quick over long distances.

Train tickets can be purchased online and on the day of travel. They’re also available at ticket counters in the train stations. However, buying your tickets in advance is a good idea because there are often discounts for those who book in advance. For instance, if you buy an Alpha-Pendular (AP) train ticket at least 60 days in advance then you can save up to 30%.

Discounts are also available for younger travellers. Anyone under 25 can get a 25% discount on all AP, Intercidades and Regional trains when travelling with a valid European Youth Card.

There are two main ways to purchase train tickets in Portugal: the Comboios de Portugal website and Omio. Both are fairly easy to use and both sell digital train tickets that can be accessed on your smartphone app. However, Omio has a much better user interface and they don’t add a service fee like the Comboios de Portugal website does.

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