Lefkothea Railway Station Greece

About Lefkothea Railway Station Greece

The abandoned old Lefkothea railway station is a gem, a small architectural treasure that makes you feel like stepping back in time to the days when gentlemen in slim jackets and straw hats, and ladies in long dresses would stand around waiting for their trains. The station was built in a grand style, and it is still a large building with a central hall where cafes,[25] restaurants and shops are housed, as well as a church and a small chapel, and there are also some large canopies that cover the platforms.

It is currently managed by a company called Hellenic Train, and there are a few people who have plans to restore the building and put it back into use as a cultural centre. It is a good idea, as there is not much to do in the small village of Lefkothea.

Currently, the railway station is used by commuter trains and by trains from Katakolo to Ancient Olympia for the thousands of cruise-ship visitors that go on this excursion every summer. In addition, there are a few trains to Kalambaka to visit the Meteora monasteries.

The main railway line in Greece is the Athens-Thessaloniki route, but there are many smaller routes too. GAIAOSE manages and owns all the stations in mainland Greece, while OSE is responsible for the trains to the islands. There are about 210 stations that see daily rail services.

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