Avlona Railway Station Greece Train Tickets

If you’re looking for a train ticket from Avlona Railway Station Greece, there are a number of things to consider including how much time in advance to book, your travel dates, and the class of service you want. Be sure to book your ticket in advance, as prices can rise significantly on the day of travel. The average price for a train ticket from Avlona to Athens is €35. There are a number of ways to get deals on train tickets, from booking as far in advance as possible to being flexible with your journey times and being willing to travel at off-peak hours.

Avlona railway station (Greek: , Siderodromikos Stathmos Aphidnon) is a suburban railway station in Afidnes, north of Athens, Greece, situated on the Piraeus-Platy line.

The station was reopened on 6 May 2005. In 2009 with the Greek debt crisis unfolding OSE’s Management was forced to reduce services across the network. Timetables were cutback and routes closed as the government-run entity attempted to reduce overheads. In 2017 OSE’s passenger transport sector was privatised as TrainOSE, currently a wholly-owned subsidiary of Ferrovie dello Stato Italiane but infrastructure, including stations, remained under the control of OSE.

There are 11 direct journeys each day from Athens to Avlona, and on certain days of the week there are up to 18 departures available. Getting a train ticket from Athens to Avlona is easy and convenient.

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