Marasia Railway Station in Greece

The train station at Marasia, near the border between Greece and Turkey, is a beautiful railway station. It has one side and a central platform, train deposition lines and waiting rooms. The building is neoclassical and has pediments, columns and other classical elements. It was modified throughout the 20th century, and some of its morphological characteristics have been lost.

A recording of a station master’s conversation has shed light on what may have caused a deadly train accident in central Greece last week that left 57 people dead and 48 hospitalised. The station manager appears to give instructions to a driver to pass a red signal shortly before the passenger train and freight train collided head-on in Larissa. Prosecutors are investigating whether his actions led to the tragedy, and he faces charges of mass deaths and injuries by negligence that could lead to a life sentence if convicted.

The passenger train was heading to the city of Thessaloniki from Katakolon and the freight train was coming from Nea Vyssa in Greece, and crossing over into Turkish territory. When the two trains crossed paths, they were both travelling at high speed, and the resulting collision caused a fire that destroyed many carriages and killed some of the passengers.

The tragedy has prompted demonstrations and strikes by rail workers, who accuse the government of cost-cutting and underinvestment. The spokesman for the union representing rail workers said the death toll from the crash was likely higher than the official figures.

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