How to Get to Alhandra Portugal by Train

How to get to Alhandra Portugal by train

The best way to travel to Alhandra is by train. The cheapest option is to book a train ticket online as early as possible or at off-peak times. This will ensure that you get a seat and avoid paying the higher prices during peak hours.

Trains are a quick and comfortable way to travel to Alhandra from Lisbon. You can choose between high-speed and regional trains, depending on your budget and how much time you have. There are on average 7 direct connections per day from Lisbon to Alhandra. The fastest journey takes 21 min and costs $1 – $3. Alternatively, you can take a bus to Alhandra from Lisbon – Oriente every 30 minutes. This takes longer but has the advantage of a direct connection.

In the city of Alhandra, there are many popular tourist attractions that you can visit. These include the Zambujal Fort, the Alhandra Memorial Fort and the Torres Vedras Defensive Lines. You can also explore the city’s earliest neighborhoods such as Rato, and discover some of its famous landmarks like the Monumento ao Campino, the Celeiro da Patriarcal and the Monumento ao Toureiro.

The weather in Alhandra is usually hot and dry during the summer and cool, wet and windy in the winter. The wettest month of the year in Alhandra is December, with an average rainfall of 28.8 days. The driest month is June, with an average rainfall of 11.5 days.

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