Things to Do in Mouquim Portugal

Looking for things to do in Mouquim? Check out this list of haunted places and get ready to be scared.

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1. Quinta da Pauliceia

This is a great attraction for those who don’t like to visit historic buildings, and who don’t mind seeing lots of tourists. The grounds are large enough that you can find plenty of tranquility, even if it gets very crowded.

Monteiro had an impressive array of attractions built here – houses, viewpoints, a fountain, and even a sizeable aquarium. These additions helped the palace to become one of the most important naturalist properties in Europe.

It is believed that this old farm near Porto is haunted by the tormented souls of a jealous husband and his family. The man thought his wife was cheating on him and even poisoning him. So, he tied her to a horse and dragged her around the property until she died.

2. Quinta da Lages

One of the most unique quintas on the island, you can hike through the vineyards and linger among the ancient walls. You’ll come across shelter houses, historic wine cellars, and the beautiful red mill called Moinho do Frade.

If you’re visiting during harvest time, you can participate in an incredible experience where you can “stomp” grapes – something that was once an important part of the local economy!

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3. Quinta da Rocha

During summer it can feel overcrowded on the main beach. However, it’s easy to escape the throngs by walking up the stairs in the cliffs.

The Poco Iniciatico (Initiation Well) plunges 27 meters into the rocky landscape, and there are a number of staircases that lead down to it. It is a popular place to get married as it has a beautiful backdrop.

On the west side of Praia da Rocha you will find the miradouro dos Tres Castelos which gives incredible views across the beach, and can be a calmer alternative to the busy main beach during the summer months.

A short walk away is the beginning of Avenue Tomas Cabreira which will put anyone in a holiday mood. There are many shops here where you can pick up a souvenir, or reinvent your entire artistic aesthetic.

4. Estrada da Mantero Belard

Located in the heart of Mouquim, this museum is more than just a collection of works: it’s a place where the community can preserve its memories and identity. Its diverse collection includes a wide range of objects, such as sculptures, images, watches, lanterns, and jars.

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The train from Porto – Sa Bento to Mouquim (Station) runs hourly and costs 3 – 5 €. Travel time is 45 min.

5. Quinta da Estrela

The highest mountain range in Portugal is home to a wild snowy wilderness and some of the most authentic villages. From prehistoric dolmens and medieval fortified UNESCO villages to the Mondego Valley where shepherds still graze their flocks, you’ll feel like time has stopped in this region.

The highlight of a trip to Serra da Estrela is a visit to one of the many small local villages. There are some incredibly picturesque stone villages scattered across the mountains, including Piodao, Malhada Cha, Foz d’Egua, Tojo, and Barreiros.

For a taste of the region’s local food, try Bordaleira cheese (link in Portuguese). This young, gooey cheese is protected by the DOP label and is eaten raw with butter. It’s delicious! Other regional cheeses are also on offer.

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