A Panoramic Train Expedition Through the Julian Alps and Adriatic Coast

Traverse Slovenia’s diverse terrain on this 7-night self-guided train adventure. Highlights include rugged mountain backdrops, Lake Bled, wine tasting in Goriska Brda – nicknamed Slovenia’s secret Tuscany – and lively Ljubljana and Piran on the Adriatic coast.

Discover a little-known corner of Europe, showcasing stunning Alpine peaks and silver lakes along with medieval castles and Italian-inspired architecture. Away from big crowds, explore a region where natural beauty and cultural history blend seamlessly.

Day 1

We will drive among towering peaks, sparkling lakes and endless trails in the pristine Julian Alps on this exhilarating adventure. Breathe in the crisp mountain air, hike in awe-inspiring national parks (Plitvice and Krka), marvel at stalactites and stalagmites in Postojna cave and discover an underground world that includes unique rivers and lakes.

Visit a charming alpine village like Krn or Vrsno where you will see a more traditional way of life. This is also the region where famous Slovenian poet Simon Gregorcic was born, making this area of grassy hillsides a source of inspiration for many Slovenians.

On the way to Goriska Brda you will pass through some of the most beautiful scenery in the country. This is a hilly region that borders Italy and is often referred to as “Slovenia’s Tuscany”. Enjoy the views from the Gonjace viewing tower. Sample wines in the town of Smartno and enjoy the culinary delights of this wine region.

Day 2

We travel on Slovenia’s modern InterCity train, which uses tilting technology to cut down journey times. This futuristic train is a delight to ride – it’s small, clean and vibrant with a contemporary interior.

The day begins with a hike to the top of Gonjae, which offers views of the Julian Alps and the Gulf of Trieste. We then explore the wine region of Goriska Brda, which is often compared to Slovenia’s Tuscany. Sample its renowned wines, visit the local smithy and a beekeeper and climb to the top of a medieval tower with breathtaking views.

Then head to Lake Bled, a postcard-perfect lake surrounded by mountains and Alpine villages. Take a rowboat out to the island or stroll around its historic castle and tour its smithy, a wine cellar, and printing press. Or, rent a bike and ride the roads that run through typical Slovenian countryside.

Day 3

Slovenia’s unique medley of landscapes and its cultural heritage make it an incredible destination for a self-guided trip. Whether you want to spend a week exploring the city of Ljubljana and its castle on your own or take the time to visit the local squat Metelkova Mesto, our tour guides will help you get the most out of this country that is so well-loved by our travelers.

Start your trip with a full day of exploration in Slovenia’s lively capital, where you can explore on your own or with a guide. Then head out to see iconic Lake Bled, raft the wild waters of the Soca River, and explore the UNESCO-listed Postojna and Skocjan Caves.

You’ll also find a wealth of pretty alpine villages and castles, all set against the backdrop of the Julian Alps. Stop to pick a ripe fig off the tree, sip an espresso, and wonder why this corner of Europe isn’t overrun by tourists.

Day 4

With Alpine backdrops, lake resorts, karst and vineyards, Slovenia boasts a truly remarkable variety of landscapes. This self-guided adventure reveals the country’s astonishingly diverse scenery on the train from iconic Lake Bled to lively Ljubljana and on to picturesque Piran on the Adriatic coast.

As a small country that doesn’t see huge tourist numbers, Slovenians are generally warm and welcoming to visitors. Locals are also often keen to share their favorite foods with travellers; try Kranjska sausage with sour cabbage or trout in the Gorenjska region, Bled cake and Gibanica cake further north, and seafood on the Adriatic coast.

If you have extra time, consider adding the scenic Bovec to your itinerary, a mountainous rafting paradise on the Soca River. It’s an ideal add-on for adventurers, with class III rapids for all abilities. It’s an unforgettable experience, backed up by the expert guides of HourAway.

Day 5

Discover the natural beauty and cultural heritage of Slovenia on a personalized journey. Traverse soaring Alpine peaks and scenic lake resorts, hike to remote chapels and secluded waterfalls, and savor unique regional cuisines and wines.

Embark on the Bohinj Railway to see stunning mountain scenery in comfort and style. The train route stretches through verdant valleys and over viaducts with the Julien Alps as a backdrop. On Saturdays, you can even travel the trip by steam-hauled train!

Your guide will be on hand throughout the day to point out awe-inspiring vistas and share the history of this remarkable railway. During the one-hour journey, your view will change every so often as you wind through beautiful landscapes and over dramatic mountain passes.

Day 6

In Slovenia, every turn of the trail reveals another incredible mountain panorama or stunning natural wonder. This is a country that is so diverse and so breathtaking, it’s like an open-air museum of karst formations. There are countless lakes that come and go, gorges that swallow whole villages, rocky amphitheaters, underground rivers and caves, sinkholes and uvalas.

Today, we take a gondola ride to the start of a charming pilgrims’ path leading up to Monte Lussari, the highest peak in the Gorenjska region, and then descend along a rocky amphitheater. Afterwards, we’ll visit a fascinating cave that’s famous for its eerily beautiful formations and awe-inspiring geological phenomena.

Slovenia is small in size but vast in its diversity. We take the time to get to know it intimately and introduce you to its proud, friendly people. From the mountainous Julian Alps to the sun-drenched wine hills and Adriatic coastline, our trip traverses this remarkable country.

Day 7

Slovenia is a small country but it packs an incredible punch. Stunning natural landscapes – pristine forests, emerald rivers thundering through lush valleys, jagged mountain peaks and rolling wine hills – are accompanied by one of Europe’s funkiest capital cities with a medieval center, great indoor/outdoor bar scene and booming culinary culture.

Join us on an incredibly scenic train ride, a unique experience that connects the Julian Alps and Adriatic Sea. Learn about the country’s rich historical heritage and see its many culturally diverse regions. Small enough to be delightfully easy to explore, yet so varied and compelling, Slovenia is a green gem with love in its name.

Day 8

From soaring peaks to the emerald green Soca River, this is an active eleven-day itinerary that reveals Slovenia’s diverse landscape and captivating culture. Explore fabled resort towns such as Lake Bled and the Opatija Riviera; venture to natural wonders like Postojna Cave and UNESCO-listed Skocjan Caves; and encounter traditional village life in Krn and Vrsic where mountain sheep graze peacefully on the hillsides.

Take a leisurely train ride to Ljubljana and spend two nights in the Slovenian capital. Get to know this city’s kaleidoscope of bars and restaurants and explore the Central Market, where fresh produce and artisan delicacies are on display. Then, visit the castle and bridges that narrate the city’s rich history. During your stay, you will also learn more about the Alps-Adriatic Alliance (AAA), which brings together twelve Alpine and Adriatic countries for joint economic development and cultural exchange. You will see the results of their collaboration in the form of stunning mountain panoramas, unique architecture and a range of cultural and historical sites.

Day 9

Often, locals will go out of their way to make sure you are enjoying your stay. Expect to be welcomed with warm smiles, and offered a taste of the foods and beverages they love most. Local specialties include Kranjska sausage with sour cabbage, trout from the Soca River, Bled cake and Gibanica cake, or, if you’re in the eastern part of the country, a variety of cheeses.

During this day you will explore the Alpe-Adria trail, which connects Austria’s sweeping glacial valleys with Slovenia’s rocky hills and dense forests. Take a shuttle to the Kolovrat ridge, which was once a battleground between Austria and Italy during World War I. Climb up to the top and look out over the old trenches and tunnels.

Enjoy a scenic train ride on the Bohinj railway, a TMR favourite! An open ticket gives you the flexibility to hop on and off as you like. This is a truly remarkable rural railway, and deserves far more recognition than it receives.

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