What to Do in Trancoso, Portugal

What to do in Trancoso

The town of Trancoso is a small walled village with a medieval castle crowning it. This beautiful historic site is a must-visit for visitors to this part of Portugal.

It has a large number of interesting buildings and ruins that give evidence of its past. The most famous of them are the Pillory (in front of Saint Peter’s Church), a piece of pure Manueline style, and the medieval palace that overlooks it.

A trip to the nearby beaches is also a must-do activity. These beaches are incredible and offer the perfect conditions to relax or to practice various water sports. The best way to visit these beaches is on a tour, which includes a private or shared boat and makes stops at the most spectacular beaches of the region.

Kayaking is another popular activity in Trancoso. It is a good way to discover the wide nature that surrounds this charming village. Guests can take this excursion on their own or with a guide, who will help them to explore the area at a safe pace.

Another option is to visit the local museums and galleries. These are a great way to learn more about the history of Trancoso and the surrounding region. They also showcase the most beautiful pieces of art from this area. For those who love music, the annual Musica in Trancoso is an important event that showcases Broadway musicals and rock concerts.

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