Train Rides on the Helsinki to Pori Passenger Line

Train rides in Finland are a space for contemplation. The endless pine trees and tidy villages of red and white weatherboard houses pass by as you enjoy the quiet pace of the journey.

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How to get to the station?

The city of Pori lies on the southwestern coast of Finland, around 150 miles (241 kilometres) from Helsinki. It was established in 1558 as a successor to the medieval towns of Kokemaki and Ulvila. Today, Pori is the country’s tenth largest municipality with a population of 83,000 people.

The main rail line between Helsinki and Pori passes through the city centre. There are a few daily departures, but railway traffic in the city is modest compared to the bus services that operate to Helsinki, Turku and Tampere.

Passenger train services are operated by VR (VR), which operates the country’s 7,225 km (4,489 mi) network of tracks. The track gauge is 1,524 mm (5 ft 5 in) wide.

ViaMichelin will show you the cheapest route available for your trip from Helsinki to Pori. It will also display a compromise between cost and distance. You can select the cheapest option by adjusting your travel dates and times, or you can opt for the fastest route if you’re pushed for time.


Due to Covid-19 restrictions, only a few nightly passenger trains operate on the main line, leaving most tracks free for freight traffic. [1] Bus services are often faster and cheaper than trains and offer good connections across the country.

Timetables can be found on the Julia website – click “Juna-aikataulut” for a combined PDF of long distance and regional services with route numbers, or “Helsinki suburbanit” for a detailed station departure list from a drop down menu. A diagrammatic route map is also available.

Finland has a modern bus network with routes all over the country. Most buses are air-conditioned with reclining seats and bathrooms. Many include free power and Wi-Fi.


There are several ways to travel from Helsinki to Pori. The most common is to take a train or bus. If you book in advance, tickets can be quite cheap. However, fares can increase significantly on the day of your trip.

Vivanoda lets you compare fares, timetables and travel times to find the best option for your trip. You can also book your ticket online.

The city’s tram network can take you anywhere quickly and efficiently, especially from the central districts of Punavuori and Kallio. These neighborhoods feature a mixture of wild past and trendsetting present, with their own charm.

Eckero Line and Tallink & Silja Line offer daily cruises between Helsinki and Turku, while Viking Line serves Helsinki-Stockholm and Helsinki-Turku routes that call in at Aland. With the COVID-19 restrictions now being eased, there are also more ferry services between Helsinki and Tallinn. This means you can enjoy a beautiful sunset cruise through the stunning Finnish archipelago.


Almost half of Finland’s population lives along the main line, making it an essential route for passenger and freight train traffic. In recent years, the route has been improved on both ends. The additional western track in Pasila, for example, is used by more than a thousand trains on weekdays and significantly improves traffic on the line.

The new track also reduces disruptions in freight traffic and increases punctuality of passenger trains. The main line’s traffic is further improved by the Helsinki-Riihimaki project, which will increase the reliability of the Helsinki-Pasila section and allow for the use of more trains.

Most of central Pori’s attractions, such as the Sigrid Juselius Mausoleum and Yyteri sand beaches, are within walking distance from the railway station. The area’s many parks are well suited for hiking and cycling, and the city’s restaurants can be easily reached by bus. Within the Helsinki suburban area, tickets must be purchased (and held) before boarding trains. Long-distance trains and buses outside the suburban area accept cash payments.

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