Viescamp-Sous-Jalls Train Station

Viescamp-sous-Jall’s train station is located on the Laroquebrou railway line, which is operated by the PO company. The section was opened to all traffic in November 1883. By June 1868, the Laroquebrou railway route connected Viescamp-sous-Jalls to Souillac.

La ligne Souillac-Viescamp-sous-Jalles

La ligne Souillac-Viescham-sous-Jalles is a French railway line that links Souillac with Montauban-Ville-Bourbon and Aurillac. Until 2006, this route was part of the national reseau ferre. It also served as the border between the departments of Occitania and Nouvelle-Aquitaine and Lot and Correze.

The line between Saint-Denis-pre-Martel and Viescamp-s-Jalles could be closed to traffic by 2021. This section is accident-prone with a slope of 21 % and a radius of 150 meters. It also includes 25 tunnels. The total length of the line is 5 842 metres.

The section between Viescamp-sous-Jalles and Saint-Denis-Pres-Martel was declared a public utility on 19 June 1868. It was part of the railway from Paris to Orleans.

Philippe Coudeville berencana

Viescamp-sous-Jall is one of the most beautiful villages in the Rhône-Alpes region, and is easily accessible by rail. It is served by the SNCF line and has several excellent restaurants. The area is also known for its enchanting scenery. It has been a favorite tourist destination for many years. Visiting this region is an amazing experience and will leave you with unforgettable memories.

Stations in Viescamp-sous-Jalles

Viescamp-sous-Jalle’s train station is a hub of the French transport network. It connects Viescamp with Laroquebrou and provides a wide variety of connections for road travelers. Nearby attractions include the Golf de Haute Auvergne and Anjony Castle.

The Viescamp-sous-Jalle station is one of the few remaining railway stations in the Cantal department. The Laroquebrou railway operated a section between Viescamp-sous-Jalle and Souillac, which was declared a public highway in 1868 and 1883. Then in November 1883, the section from Viescamp-sous-Jalle to St-Denis-les-Martel was opened to all traffic.

There are three stations in Viescamp-sous-Jallés: the francuski station, Lacapelle-Viescamp, and Figeac Arvant. Each station is connected to other major stations in France. From Viescamp-sous-Jalle’s main station, you can travel to the rest of France and the Atlantic coast. You can also travel from one station to another with coach service.

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