The Gare De Lyon-Vaise in Lyon, France


The Gare de Lyon-Vaise is a railway station located in the district of Vaise in Lyon. It is on the main Paris-Lyon-Marseille railway line. It is also served by metro line D. The train station is easily accessible by foot. It offers frequent connections throughout the city.

La Place Bellecour

La Place Bellecour is a huge square in the centre of Lyon, France. It measures 312 metres by 200 metres and is the third largest open square in France. It is also one of the largest in Europe. The square features a large clock tower, restaurants, and cafes.

Place Bellecour is a popular location for tourists and locals alike. It has several monuments including a central equestrian statue of Louis XIV and two statues of the rivers Saone and Rhone. You can also find a monument to Antoine de Saint-Exupery. It also hosts major events throughout the year. It is home to a 60-meter Ferris wheel and a public ice rink. It also hosts a Petanque competition on Pentecost weekend.

La Place Valmy

The Place Valmy in Lyon-Vaise is a landmark built to commemorate the Valmy Revolutionary War victory of 20 September 1792. The battle symbolized the power of France to impose its will on others. Goethe considered the victory to be a groundbreaking event. The town is also known for hosting the Pyramide de Louis XVI, built in honor of the French king at the end of the 18th century. However, both monuments met tragic ends.

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La Duchere

If you’re planning a trip to Lyon, be sure to stop by the Gare de Lyon-Vaise, located in the Vaise district. It is a main railway station along the Paris-Lyon-Marseille line. The station is also served by metro line D. Whether you’re traveling by rail or by car, you’ll find plenty of transportation options in this area.

One of the oldest parts of Lyon is Vaise, located along the Saone at the foot of the Duchere plateau. It was joined to the city of Lyon in the 1850s, and today it is home to the Gare de Lyon-Vaise, one of the nine arrondissements of the City of Lyon.


Champvert-Nord is part of the 9th arrondissement of Lyon. It is a residential area with a verdant landscape and lively ambiance. It is home to 2415 residents with an average age of 42. Most of them are locals and celibate. Its infrastructures and services are diverse and include transportation, commerce, and education. In addition, residents can enjoy various recreational activities, cultural events, and health care facilities.

In this neighborhood, you’ll find many parks and tree-lined avenues. The Champvert park preserves an elegant art-deco villa. There’s also a library. The neighborhood is also home to the CMCR, a center for intensive rehabilitation for patients requiring heavy reeducation or spinal surgery. The Champvert clinic also provides adult mental health care.

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