Tsoukalaika Railway Station Greece

About Tsoukalaika Railway Station Greece

Tsoukalaika station (Greek: ; Siderodromikos stathmos Trikalon) is located in the city of Trikala in northern Thessaly, Greece. The station serves regional trains on the Trikala-Palaiofarsalos – Kalambaka line. It features large waiting areas, cafes, restaurants and a shopping centre within a 1960s-era building. The staffed station has ticket offices and luggage lockers. On the platforms, seating is available under original modernist canopies.

Compassion, kindness, generosity of spirit: these are the virtues Panayiota Drougas and her husband, Dimitris, invoke as they pace their tent on a bluff overlooking a muddy field at Idomeni, a godforsaken corner of northwestern Greece where thousands of refugees have set up a squalid camp at a deserted train station. The Greek government is struggling to cope with the flood of people displaced by conflict in neighbouring Syria and Iraq, but even as the country reels under financial crisis, the Greek people have demonstrated a generous spirit.

The town of Elefsina is buzzing with excitement ahead of its 2021 title as European Capital of Culture. Locals hope the event will inspire a fresh wave of artistic projects to nurture their town’s natural and cultural assets.

You can hop on a regional train to Kalabaka to visit the medieval monasteries of Meteorea, or take a ferry across the narrow Corinth Canal to the Peloponnese, where you’ll find spectacular Santorini and historic Rhodes perched on rock pinnacles. To make the most of your time in Greece, use a Rail Europe pass to add connections to your itinerary. Dotted lines indicate ferries, which are often discounted with a pass.

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