How to Get to Kastanies Railway Station Greece

How to get to Kastanies Railway Station Greece

On average, it takes a train ticket from Thessaloniki to Kastanies to cost around. However, this can vary depending on your travel dates and times. The best way to find a cheap price for your journey is to book well in advance. In general, the earlier you book the better, as prices tend to increase the closer to your travel date. If you’re on a budget, it’s a good idea to book your journey early on a weekday and avoid travelling at popular times of the day like rush hour.

Located on the northern border of Edirne with Turkey, Kastanies railway stop (Greek: Siderodromike Stas Kastaneon; Turkish: Sidirodromiki Stas Kastan) is one of the most northerly Greek railway stops and lies 1.1 km (0.68 mi) from the village center, down an unnamed road on the edge of the village. The halt was opened in 1971 by the OSE and is the closest greek railway station to the Turkish border, with Karaagac just a few km away.

Kastanies is a small village in the municipal unit of Vyssa in Evros, Greece, situated at the border with Turkey. It is home to the Treaty of Lausanne monument and museum, and it is also the location of a border checkpoint called Pazarkule. The town is also notable for being the home of an important military garrison for the armed forces of the Republic of North Macedonia.

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