Things to Do in Vila Franca De Xira Portugal

things to do in Vila Franca de Xira Portugal

Located northeast of Lisbon, Vila Franca de Xira is a charming city. It is most commonly associated with Portuguese bullfighting, but there is much more to do in this town.

Learn about the controversial art of street painting on a tour with local artists. This is a great way to get an insider’s perspective on this controversial culture.

1. Go on a Street Art Tour

A visit to Vila Franca de Xira is incomplete without seeing its futuristic municipal library called “Fabrica das Palavras.” The polygonal structure has been designed by Miguel Arruda.

Try some of Vila Franca’s traditional cuisine like bacalhau (salt cod) and cozido. The town also has several wine cellars where you can sample their produce. The pier also offers heritage boat trips to explore the Tagus Estuary.

2. Go on a Walking Tour

Vila Franca de Xira is a beautiful day trip from Lisbon and offers plenty of family-friendly activities. The local library, parks, and markets are fun for all ages.

You’ll also find several remarkable museums such as the Museu do Neo-Realismo. This museum is dedicated to the neo-realism movement and features original documents, paintings, and videos.

Book a hotel with an outdoor pool to relax waterside. Hotels like Castilho House Cais and TRYP Lisboa Montijo Parque Hotel offer pools while staying in a budget-friendly price range.

3. Go on a Bullfighting Tour

Vila Franca de Xira is a town that is filled with Portuguese culture and traditions. There are a number of things that you can do to experience this culture, including visiting the town’s bullring and museum.

The town is known for its history with bullfighting, and has a large number of fans. You can learn about this history at the Ethnographic Museum in the Praca de Touros Palha Blanco.

4. Go on a Boat Tour

Take the train down to Santa Apolonia or Moscavide and board a heritage boat for an open-air nature museum that puts on regular guided birdwatching walks. Or visit Evoa, a modern complex designed to give you a window on the estuary’s wildlife and conservation efforts.

The town’s stud farms breed black fighting bulls and Lusitano horses, the favoured breed for dressage. The ethnographic museum on the town’s outskirts also stages traditional bullfights.

5. Go on a Cycling Tour

If you’re looking for a more active way to explore Vila Franca de Xira, then a cycling tour is definitely worth considering. These tours typically include bikes, all-inclusive meals, and transportation to your destinations.

Learn about Portugal’s incredible street art culture while also discovering secret spots that only locals know about. It’s an experience you won’t forget! This tour is suitable for all ages.

6. Go on a Horse Riding Tour

Whether by boat, bike or horseback, Vila Franca de Xira offers plenty of opportunities for you to explore the Tejo River estuary and its wildlife. A natural reserve and a redeveloped waterfront have transformed this once-desolate area.

It’s also the home of lusitano horses; visit a purpose-built riding centre to learn about their history or take lessons. The region’s food is rich and varied, too.

7. Go on a Hiking Tour

Hiking is a great way to explore Vila Franca de Xira Portugal. You can find a number of trails in the area that cater to different skill levels.

One option is the Caminho Pedonal Ribeirinho. It starts at the cargo train station and heads along a railway line until Azambuja. A slightly shorter but scenic alternative is to take the route from Vila Nova da Rainha to the Lezirias ribatejano.

8. Go on a Horseback Riding Tour

Horseback riding is a popular pastime in Vila Franca de Xira. You can find a variety of different tours through the equestrian center in town.

The local cuisine is delicious and influenced by riverside culture. Try dishes such as bacalhau and cozido. Other highlights include the yearly October Fair and the Colete Encarnado Festival (Red Waistcoat Festival). These events reflect the pride of the community.

9. Go on a Horseback Riding Tour

Aside from bullfighting, which is a major source of pride for the locals, you can visit one of the area’s many equestrian centres and learn about the lusitano horse. The festival of Colete Encarnado in July and the October fair are also huge celebrations that reflect the municipality’s passion for horses.

This town is on the Tagus estuary’s banks, which host the largest wetland region in Portugal. The area is a birdwatcher’s dream.

10. Go on a Horseback Riding Tour

Vila Franca de Xira is most commonly associated with bullfighting, but it has plenty more to offer visitors. The local cuisine is delicious, and the Tejo River Estuary Natural Reserve is worth exploring.

You don’t need to be an expert to go horseback riding, but you should know the basics. You can find lessons at this center, where you will also learn about a horse’s body language.

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