Things to Do in Ponte De Sor, Portugal

things to do in Ponte de Sor Portugal

If you’re a history buff, Ponte de Sor is home to a range of museums. Other popular activities include taking a river cruise and exploring the town’s many beaches.

The Montargil Dam and reservoir are a stunning sight, as is the 18th-century chapel. During the summer nights, Zona Ribeirinha hosts many concerts.

1. Visit the Museums

The city’s museums, galleries and cultural centres all showcase the area’s rich history. The Centro de Arte e Tecnologia in an old mill houses a collection of local art, including works by the famous artist Vitoria Pais Freire de Andrade (1883–1930).

East of town is the Coudelaria de Alter do Chao, once the royal horse-breeding centre. It has a lovely park and cafe, while the horses are kept in facilities that mimic their natural homes.

On a hilltop dotted with cork oaks is an adorable 18th-century chapel that’s worth a wander just for the vistas of Montargil Dam and reservoir. Inside you’ll be captivated by the exuberant gilded fittings.

2. Enjoy the Beaches

The town is surrounded by beaches that are perfect for relaxing. There are also some water sports to enjoy, and you can book an excursion to the Montargil reservoir for a day of fun.

The city is home to many walking routes and hiking trails that offer great views over the region. You can also explore the local nature reserve.

For a unique accommodation option try staying at the Paco do Vitorino hotel, a 16th century palace that has been tastefully restored. Or you could stay at Quinta do Ameal, a luxury wine estate that offers secluded self-catering chalets surrounded by vineyards. This is a great place to relax and sample the local vinho verde wines. The resort also has an outdoor pool and provides great facilities for families.

3. Take a Tour of the Town

The town of Ponte de Sor is a gorgeous mix of stunning scenery and quaint sights. In fact, tourist literature frequently calls the town “the most floral town of Portugal.” This is no exaggeration as this charming region is bursting with beautiful gardens and parks.

A tour of the town will take you to the soaring municipal centre with its capacious spaces that house the town library, archives, theatre, and exhibition galleries. The center also has a fablab that brings together high-tech labs and workshops.

From the town center you can head east to Alter do Chao and visit the Coudelaria de Alter do Chao, a former royal stud that is now a dreamland for horse lovers. It also houses a museum that focuses on the history of green wine.

4. Visit the Churches

In Ponte de Sor, it’s easy to spend your time exploring historic churches. Many are UNESCO World Heritage Sites and feature beautiful murals and stained glass windows.

There are also some amazing views from the town’s viewpoints, including the Miradouro of Bola da Pena. It offers a spectacular view of the village, surrounded by mountains and forests.

The Camino Portugues passes through Ponte de Sor, so you may spot pilgrims on the trail. You can join them for a short walk or follow the route all the way to Santiago. It’s easy to spot them because they are wearing the traditional yellow blazer. You can learn more about the routes by visiting the website. There are photos and detailed descriptions of each one, as well as maps.

5. Go Shopping

Named after its Roman and medieval bridge, Ponte de Sor is an ancient town with a rich heritage. The UNESCO World Heritage site includes historic churches, castles, and manor houses. It also includes the renowned Vinho Verde wine region and was once a popular stop for pilgrims on the Caminho de Santiago.

The area around the river has been recently developed into a park that includes benches, lawns and deciduous trees. The park also hosts all the town’s big events in summer.

The park also houses the brand new Art and Culture Centre (CAC). This large building used to be a grain and rice mill. It now houses a municipal library, archives, a theatre, and exhibition galleries. It also houses Fablab Alentejo, a high-tech workshop and lab.

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