Things to Do in Mouquim Portugal

The House of the Baron of Lages is one of the most haunted places in Portugal. It was built in 1910 as a sanatorium during a tuberculosis epidemic. It is said that the spirits of all the patients who died still roam around the place today.

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1. Estrela de Vila Nova de Famalicao

The best time to visit Vila Nova de Famalicao is during the spring and summer months, from March to September. This is when the weather is warm and the town comes alive with festivals and events.

The castle’s history dates back to the 12th century, when King D. Sancho granted a reguengo to 40 inhabitants of the area, granting them ownership of land that belonged to the royal family. The residents were also allowed to hold a weekly fair, which is still held today.

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2. Quinta da Pauliceia

Despite looking like a beautiful 5-star hotel, this place has one dark secret. It is rumored to be haunted by the ghost of an elderly daughter. The ghost reportedly screams and groans in the corridors. Visitors also report hearing unexplained whimpers.

This abandoned sanatorium was built in 1910 during a tuberculosis outbreak. However, no cure for the disease was discovered at the time and many patients died in the facility.

This house is believed to be haunted by the ghost of a lovelorn princess. The castle-like structure looks straight out of a horror film. It once belonged to the Aguedense family who were from Brazil. They all died in the 1918 influenza pandemic, leaving only a single member who was not allowed to inherit.

3. Belardo Park

The town of Mouquim is home to a range of incredible cycling paths that are perfect for all ages and abilities. Whether you’re looking for single tracks or peaks, there’s something to suit every cyclist here.

The Municipal Museum of Mouquim is a cultural space that aims to preserve and showcase the local community’s history and identity. It contains a collection of works and objects that are connected to the religious, agricultural and entrepreneurial activities as well as the local customs and usages.

How to get there: Comboios De Portugal operates a train from Porto – Sao Bento to Mouquim (Station) hourly. Tickets cost $2 – $5 and the journey takes 45 min. Ave Mobilidade also operates a bus service from Porto – Paranhos – Polo Universitario to Mouquim.

4. The House of the Baron of Lages

Portugal is a wonderful country with plenty of sun, beautiful beaches, and delicious food. But it also has a dark side and a lot of history and tradition. There are many myths and legends that go back to the beginning of the country’s history, and some of them are very scary.

This farmhouse used to belong to the Baron of Lages, and people say that he is still haunting it. He was very jealous and thought that his wife was cheating on him, so he tied her to a horse and dragged her around the house until she died. Then, he killed his children and himself. People say that his ghost and his wife’s ghost still haunt the place. It’s eerie. You should definitely avoid this place at night.

5. The Hotel Magalhaes Barros

This place is one of those creepy places that will send shivers down your spine. It was built in 1910 as a sanatorium during the time when tuberculosis was spreading rapidly. It was meant to house 50 patients but ended up housing more than 500 as there was no cure at that time. It is said that the souls of those patients haunt this place even to this day.

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