How to Get to Vizela Portugal by Train

How to get to Vizela Portugal by train

The best way to travel from Porto to Vizela is via the CP Line. The train takes about one hour, with stops at Lordelo, Vila das Aves, Santo Tirso, Lousado, Trofa, Sao Romao and Ermesinde. You can also take the regional or interregional train, which is a bit cheaper but has more stops. Both trains allow bicycles, but only if you book the first class Conforto ticket, which includes access to the CP Lounge at Lisbon Oriente station (an air-conditioned space with TV, Wi-Fi, newspaper and drinks).

Buses are also an option for getting around, and there’s a choice of expressos (comfortable, fast buses between major cities), rapidas (quick regional services) and carreiras (standard, slow local services that make lots of stops). Youngsters and senior citizens can get up to 50% off bus tickets.

If you have your own car, it’s possible to bring it to Portugal from the UK tax-free. The process is called matriculation and it can be tricky, so it’s a good idea to seek the advice of a specialist before starting.

Car insurance in Portugal is much simpler and cheaper than in the UK, but it’s still essential to be in possession of a valid national/international driving licence. You’ll also need the logbook, proof of ownership and third-party insurance, which is a legal minimum. Breakdown cover is usually included in a policy, rather than arranged separately via the AA or RAC as in the UK.

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