Things to Do in Bexley

things to do in Bexley

Whether you crave the roar of big city excitement or prefer the tranquility of a simpler getaway, you’ll find plenty to do in Bexley. From county fairs to golf courses, the list is long and varied.

Get your kids out of the house and into nature at a local children’s farm. Families Bexley can help you find one near you.

Bexley Brewery

Whether you want to enjoy the roar of the city or the quiet solitude of a simpler getaway, there is something for everyone in Bexley. From restaurants to shopping, there is a wide array of attractions to choose from. You can even take in a show at the theatre.

The community’s miles of multi-surface Avid trails are perfect for walking, biking and jogging. You can also check out the ruins of the 12th century Lesnes Abbey. Other attractions include the Red House, built for William Morris, and the David Evans Silk Centre.

A new addition to Bexley’s downtown scene is Thirsty Buffalo, a brewery with a frontier inspired space and must-try flavors. We spoke with co-owners Erin Bishop and Jack Lucas to find out more about this new neighborhood spot.

Bexley Park

Whether you prefer the roar of city life or the quiet solitude of a country getaway, Bexley offers plenty to see and do. Find museums, boutiques and more in the downtown area, or reinvent your artistic aesthetic at a local gallery.

The Jeffrey Park grounds and the city’s Jeffrey Mansion were gifted to the community in 1941. Today, the City of Bexley operates recreational programs there including a pre-school and a Jeffrey Summer Camp.

Children love the sights and smells of farm animals. Help them discover the great outdoors with a visit to your local children’s farm. Alternatively, take them on an aquarium adventure to come nose-to-nose with sharks and turtles. Families Bexley can help you find a fun and educational trip for all ages.

Bexleyheath Heritage Centre

The Bexleyheath Heritage Centre is a great place to visit if you want to learn more about the history of the borough. The center is home to many different exhibits and offers a wide range of activities for all ages. It is a great place for families to spend a day learning about the rich history of Bexleyheath.

Located at the corner of Bexleyheath Broadway and Crossness Avenue, the Heritage Centre is a great location for family fun. It offers a range of activities for children, including crafts and games. There are also several events held throughout the year, such as Super Saturday, which is a superhero-themed event.

Down House was the former home of Charles Darwin, and is a historic site of international importance. It is a fascinating museum where visitors can step inside the rooms that acted as Darwin’s living laboratory.

Bexleyheath Museum

Taking the kids to your local museum is an inexpensive way to keep them occupied and learn about history at the same time. The museums in Bexley have a lot to offer from impressive permanent collections to touring exhibitions.

Children love to explore their natural world and that can be done at a local aquarium where they can come nose to nose with sharks and turtles. They can also discover the zoos, nature reserves and wildlife parks in Bexley.

The ruined 12th century Lesnes Abbey is worth a visit or there is the house that was designed in the Arts and Crafts style for William Morris, the Red House on Bexley Heath. Historic buildings and heritage sites have a lot to teach youngsters about how life was before technology.

Bexleyheath Golf Courses

The London Borough of Bexley is a diverse and beautiful area filled with unique things to do. It is also environmentally aware, with one of the highest recycling rates in the city. The borough is home to a number of parks and shopping centres, as well as many restaurants and bars.

There are a variety of activities to do in Bexley, from visiting an aquarium to seeing a Broadway show. Families can enjoy a day out at the beach or visit a local museum for a lesson in history. The borough also offers a variety of education options, including many popular schools.

Bexleyheath golf courses offer a challenge for beginners and advanced players alike. With narrow fairways and bunkers, the course requires precision and restraint.

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