How to Get to Coina Portugal by Train

How to get to Coina Portugal by train

The nearest station to Coina is Porto-Campanha, which is a bit further away from the city center and from the airport but it covers all the trains in Porto. Moreover, there are buses from this station to the central areas of the city like the downtown area and also to the suburbs.

You can use the Lisboa Card to get around Lisbon and its suburbs, which allows you free rides on buses, metros, trams, and funiculars. There are several types of cards available: a 24h pass which costs €20 and gives you access to all operators in Lisbon, or the Navegante Municipal which cost EUR30 and allows you to travel within one of the 18 municipalities of Lisbon.

All the CP – COMBOIOS DE PORTUGAL and RENFE trains operate from this station but the high-speed train “TGV Atlantique” which connects Lisbon with Hendaye (border between France and Spain) is operated by SNCF – SOCIETE NATIONALE DES CHEMINS DE FER FRANCE. This train has daily departures from Lisbon and also from Hendaye.

If you are traveling to the northern part of Portugal or to the region of Minho, we recommend you take the North line from this station. In just over two hours you can reach Vizela, Guimaraes (first capital of the country) and even Marco de Canaveses which is a stunning city and was the birthplace of Carmen Miranda who has her star in Hollywood’s walk of fame.

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