The Best Places to Visit in Francheville, France


Francheville is a small city located in France. It is a part of the state of Franche-Comte. France is a country in western Europe. Some of the cities near Francheville are Le Villey, Bois-de-Gand, Chaumergy, and La Chaux-en-Bresse. The closest large cities are Ain, Doubs, and Saone-etoire.

Unesco World Heritage Sites

If you are a lover of natural landscapes, you may want to visit the Unesco World Heritage Sites in Franchevlle. The French city has a temperate climate and is located near the foot of the Alps. You’ll also find the Chaines des Puys, a 45 km long chain of volcanic cones. The area is a UNESCO World Heritage Site and is a perfect spot for hiking and paragliding. The area also offers stunning views of the Mont Blanc.

Distances from major cities to Francheville

If you are planning to travel to Francheville, France, you will find it helpful to know the distances between the city and major cities nearby. You can compare the distances from the major cities to Francheville to get a clear idea of how long it would take you to drive or fly there.

Attractions in Francheville

Francheville is a commune within the Lyon metropolis in eastern France. It is part of the Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes region. This area is home to many interesting places to visit.

Moovit helps you find the best route to get to Francheville

Moovit is a free transit app that helps you find the best routes to Francheville, France. It is designed to make public transportation easy to use and can provide you with updated time schedules. You can use Moovit to plan your trip to Carrefour drive in Francheville, France, or find alternative routes and times.

Cost of living in Francheville

The median price of a House is EUR585,000 and 80% of the properties are priced in the EUR349,910 to EUR805,000 range. The average cost of living per square metre in Francheville is EUR4,500.

Uber estimates its fare from major cities

Uber’s official fares calculator gives riders an idea of the cost of a trip. This feature is convenient for travelers because they don’t have to wait until the end of the trip to find out how much they’ll owe. The fares calculator does not consider surge pricing. Instead, the fares are based on the estimated distance to the destination.

Air quality data for Francheville

Air quality data for Francheville can be found using the AQI (Air Quality Index). The AQI provides a summary of air pollution levels by reporting on the five most common pollutants. Those pollutants include ozone, particulate matter, carbon monoxide, and nitrogen dioxide. Each monitoring site has a specific AQI value, which represents its overall pollution level. If the index value exceeds the recommended limit for any of the pollutants, a precautionary health warning is issued. The AQI is updated every half-hour to reflect changes in air pollution.

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