Accommodation in Coulanges-sur-Yonne


Places to stay in Coulanges-sur-Yonne

There are numerous options for accommodation in Coulanges-sur-Yonne. Holiday homes and apartments are great options for vacationers. Some are large enough for a family and have everything you need for a comfortable stay. A few examples of popular vacation rentals are listed below.

“Immaculate 1 – Bed Cottage In Sougeres” provides free WiFi, free breakfast, and a garden. The property is located just a few miles away from the Chateau de Barbirey-sur-Ouche.

Location of Chatel Censoir

You can take a train from Coulanges-sur-Yonne to Chatel Censoir in 6 minutes. It costs 5.35$ but you can get cheaper tickets if you book in advance. You can also use your own car to get to the city.

The town is located in the Yonne department in the region of Bourgogne. Its population is approximately 4,000 people. There are various things to do and see in the town.

History of Coulangeois

The history of Coulanges stretches back over several centuries. In the sixteenth century, the town was home to Maurice de Coulanges, the Bishop of Nevers, confessor to Charles VI, and the Sieur de Coulanges, the minister of Louis XIV. In 1742, a man named Verse came to Coulanges and established the first water harvesting system in France. This town also hosts annual festivals, including the Saint Vincent festival in January, and a garage sale on the first Sunday in September.

The area was devastated by phylloxera at the end of the 19th century, and two world wars during the first half of the 20th century. However, in recent years, the town has recovered. In 1829, Mige had as many vines as Coulanges-la-Vineuse. For a while, the area was without wine production, but in the 1980s, Domaine Jean-Marc Bon began to make wine in the area.

Weather in Coulanges-sur-Yonne

The current weather in Coulanges-sur-Yonne is largely sunny. The temperature can reach up to 15 degrees Celsius during the day. At night, it will be slightly cooler with lows of 11 degrees. The current weather is based on data from a weather station in Auxerre, which is about 3.5 miles away.

The temperature in Coulanges-sur-Yonne is likely to rise to 17 degrees Celsius, and the wind is likely to be light. The relative humidity will be around 88%. The wind will be from the east-southeast.

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