Stavroupoli Railway Station Greece

Stavroupoli Railway Station Greece

The rocky terrain and sparse rail network of Greece make train trips less popular than they deserve to be. But once you get off the beaten track, you’ll discover that this country is home to some of Europe’s most gorgeous routes.

One of the most scenic in the country is this little line that connects the cute little port town of Katakolo with the ancient archaeological site of Olympia. First opened in 1882, the line was originally built to boost commercial activity and exports, but it soon became a beloved tourist destination. Today, the train’s quaint carriages carry visitors along this breathtaking route to see one of Greece’s most important sites in its most understated beauty.

Between Toxotes and Stavroupoli, the railroad separates from the main road and begins its own journey through the countryside’s old stone tunnels and winding streams. The pristine area is also a national park and home to waterfowl, otters, wild horses and more, making it an especially unique experience for travelers who love nature as well as history.

The station itself is located under a large canopy, with seating available beneath its 1960s-era canopies. Inside, it’s a spacious space with waiting areas and cafes housed in an elegant building designed by the Greek architect Nikolaos Mitsakis. The interior is a bit of a time capsule, with furnishings from the 1930s still in place.

The station is operated by OSE, the state-owned national train company. While there are only a handful of daily domestic connections (mostly to other regional destinations), there are several extra trains when cruise ships moor at Katakolo.

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