Soufli Railway Station Greece

Soufli Railway Station Greece is a train station serving the village of Soufli, Evros in northern Thrace in Greece. The station is situated close to the village center by the former Chemins de fer Orientaux line. Today it is served by TrainOSE, who operate just 4 daily Regional trains to Alexandroupoli and Ormenio.

On average, a train from Soufli to Athens costs about. However, this varies greatly depending on the time of year and can be much higher at peak times. If you are able to travel at off-peak times, then you may be able to find better deals.

Purchasing your ticket ahead of time is advised, as the best offers can sell out. Also, make sure that you check the train company’s website for any special discounts and promotions that may be available.

It is worth noting that on some routes, there are direct journeys while others require a changeover. This can affect the total cost of your trip, so it is worth researching the different options. Also, be aware that some transport providers offer a limited number of journeys on certain days of the week or at particular times of the day, and this can impact your choice. This is particularly important when travelling with heavy luggage or if you have restricted availability. In such cases, it can be more convenient to travel with a changeover, or perhaps to travel on alternative days of the week. On some routes, there are also express services that can be a quicker option.

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