Aspropyrgos Railway Station, Greece

How to get there

On the railway line from Piraeus, Aspropyrgos Railway Station is the last stop before the mountain pass. It’s a simple, ground-level station accessed via stairs or ramp, with 2 raised island platforms serving a single westbound track. There is sheltered seating and Dot-matrix display departure or arrival screens and timetable poster boards on both platforms. The station is staffed but there’s no cafe or shop on-site.

Aspropyrgos Railway Station is located near the town of Fyli, West Attica, Greece. From here, trains connect to the major cities of Athens and beyond.

Its people, like its goods, are gathered from distant corners of Europe and Asia. A smuggling trade brings in guns from Albania and Bulgaria, drugs from the Balkans and Russia, and contraband cigarettes from South America. The tin and copper from the warehouses, which produce EUR1bn in illegal profits each year, is made from scrap picked out of dumpsters. The town’s 40 police officers are too few to patrol the warehouses, which are minimal cement structures surrounded by barbed-wire fencing and private security.

A trip to Aspropyrgos can also be a convenient base for day trips to nearby Athens, with its iconic monuments such as the Parthenon and Acropolis. Many tour companies offer affordable, top-rated tours that will allow you to explore the most popular landmarks of this ancient city in comfort and convenience. Be sure to book your journey well in advance to secure a seat and avoid the high prices of peak travel times.

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