Pont-sur-Yonne – Bourgogne-Franche-Comté – France


Pont-sur-Yonne is a commune located in the Yonne department of Bourgogne-Franche-Comté, France. In the city, there are several places to visit. You may also be interested in nearby airports and the weather in Pont-sur-Yonne.

Places to visit in Pont-sur-Yonne

Pont-sur-Yonne is a town in the Yonne department in the north-central part of France. Literally translated, it means “bridge on the Yonne.” The town has a population of about 12,000 and is an important hub for river and road traffic.

There are several places to visit in Pont-sur-Yonne. For example, there is the medieval town of Provins, a UNESCO world heritage site. Once an important town for the powerful Counts of Champagne, Provins was home to great trading fairs that linked northern Europe to the Mediterranean. If you are looking for a meal in Pont-sur-Yonne, head to a riverside auberge for a simple, yet tasty meal.

Weather in Pont-sur-Yonne

The rainfall in Pont-sur-Yonne varies throughout the year. During the drier months, it is usually dry, while in the wetter months, it is more likely to be wet. From September 27 to June 25, there are an average of 9.3 wet days each month.

The windiest time of year is January, when average hourly wind speeds reach over 11.0 miles per hour. During the calmer part of the year, from May to August, the average hourly wind speed drops to below seven miles per hour.

Nearby airports

If you’re looking for an airport to fly into in Pont-sur-Yonne, France, there are several options. Paris Orly Airport, located just northwest of Pontoise and southwest of Villeneuve-le-Roi, is the nearest international airport. Its IATA airport code is ORY. Another option is the Beauvais-Tille Airport, located 20.5 miles northwest of the city in the town of Nogent-sur-Yonne.

Nearby airports in Pont-sur Yonne, France: There are two airports in this city. The first is the Pont-sur-Yonne Airfield, which is a small airport with three runways, 14L/32R, and 14L/32L. The airport’s designation is LFGO, and it is located near the Base ULM du Petit Fay Airfield and the La Ferte Gaucher Airfield. Neither one of these airports publishes a METAR. The closest airport, Melun-Villaroche Air Base, is about 55 km away.

Map of Pont-sur-Yonne

A map of Pont-sur-Yonne is a useful tool for getting around the city. You can zoom into the map to see different aspects of the city. This interactive map also displays contour lines. Its features include roads, highways, paths, and satellite views. These elements are displayed in different colors to indicate their location.

The map of Pont-sur-Yonne can be downloaded for free. Its content is reproduced under the Open Street Map license. To reuse this map, make sure to include the CC-BY-SA 2.0 watermark.

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