Places to Visit in Tang-sur-Arroux, France


In the department of Saone-et-Loire, in the province of Burgundy, the town of Etang-sur-Arroux has many attractions. It’s home to a flea market, a Christmas market, and a moto club. Whether you’re looking for a romantic setting or a place to stay, this town is worth visiting.

Etang-sur-Arroux is a commune in the Saone-et-Loire department

Etang-sur-Arroux is located in the Bourgogne-Franche-Comté region of eastern France. It is an attractive and picturesque town with plenty of amenities. The population is around 7,000.

The town is home to many historical buildings. The castle of La Ferriere, which was once the property of Nicolas Rolin, was reconstructed in neo-Gothic style in the nineteenth century. The eleventh century church of St Peter is another interesting attraction. Visitors can also admire the replica of Lourdes’ cave. The village is also famous for its five-arched bridge and its market every Sunday.

The population of the commune is estimated by the Institut national de la statistique and economic studies, which use census results from several years to produce an estimate of the number of inhabitants. Nevertheless, the data may vary from year to year.

It has a Christmas market

The Christmas market in Tang-sur-Arroux is a festive affair that is well worth checking out if you’re looking for something different for your Christmas shopping list. With over two hundred traders, this event has plenty of activities for visitors. Aside from the market, visitors can also enjoy an ice rink, art installations, and film screenings. The town also has a large Christmas tree and other decorations to make the town look wintry.

The Christmas market in Tang-sur-Arroux is open every Sunday morning. The market has Christmas gifts and trinkets, as well as foods and treats. You can buy authentic Alsatian sausages and honey, or indulge in pretzels and gingerbread. You can also get Christmas decorations for your Christmas tree or table, and there are also gingerbread squares and candy canes for your holiday baking.

It has a flea market

The town of Tang-sur-Arroux, France is located in the eastern region of the country, about 260 kilometers east of Paris. It is well-connected to other major French cities and is accessible by air or by a channel ferry. Here are some places to visit nearby.

Etang-sur-Arroux has a market every Sunday morning and a Christmas market in December. In addition, the town also hosts a flea market and a gourmet festival. These events are held during the town’s parish fair and feature several animated performances.

It has a moto club

The municipality of Tang-sur-Arroux is located in eastern France, in the Saone-et-Loire department. The name translates to “Etang on Arroux.” This quaint community is a popular spot for bikers, with 65 cycling routes throughout the town. The town is mostly hilly, and the best times to ride are July and September.

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