Navilly, France


In the 17th century, thousands of English families sought refuge in the New World. Many of them settled in the British colonies that eventually became the United States and Canada. Those who survived the migration made significant contributions to these new nations. Some of these families included those bearing the name Navilly. One of the earliest immigrants to North America was James Navell, who arrived in America in 1685.

Navigation guide

The navigation guide methodology is a systematic approach to research synthesis that aims to minimize bias and maximize transparency. The methodology can be used by government agencies, professional societies, health care organizations, and toxicologists to develop evidence-based statements and preventive recommendations. It is intended to help them improve the health outcomes of their patients.

The navigation guide methodology has many benefits, such as real-time alerts and mobile access. It also allows users to search by location and find information on anchorages and ports. In addition, the community can help by contributing to the census of places. The list of anchorages available is increasing in the Mediterranean, Atlantic, West Indies, and Caribbean.


The Navilly location is a wonderful spot for your next wedding, anniversary, or other occasion. The city of Navilly has many municipal halls that are available for rent for events. These halls are affordable and convenient for both professional and individual needs. You can also hire one for a personal function, and you can also host it yourself.


The moorings in Navilly have been arranged by a community of boaters. They are available to rent out to tourists and transients. This website offers information to help boaters choose the right berthing. It also helps boaters avoid hassle and stress of locating a mooring.

You must check if there are restrictions on the mooring of your boat before deciding on a particular location. Make sure that the mooring spot has enough space for your boat and does not have any rocky bottoms. Once you find a suitable spot, secure the pennant and lower the mooring anchor overboard.

Places to visit

If you want to enjoy the scenery of France, you might consider visiting Navilly. This town is located in the eastern-center of the country, about 298 km from Paris. It is surrounded by numerous peaks, making it an excellent destination for hiking and cycling trips. Nearby attractions include Beaune and Nuits-Saint-Georges. These towns are within 25 km of Navilly, and there are at least 12 other places worth a visit within driving distance.

Getting around Navilly is easy with the help of Rome2rio. The interactive map provides all the information you need to get to and from Navilly. You can also find out the best time to travel by train or bus, so that you can plan your trip accordingly.


The waterway in Navilly is navigable, but there are some restrictions. There are only a few pontoons, and the river can be fearsome during winter spate. Nevertheless, there are some good spots to moor up with good depth and width. The area also has a 3-star camping site. If you want to moor overnight, you should be aware that there are no bollards.

The Waterway Guide app is optimized for mobile devices, and contains information about the waterway, including marinas and free docks. The app also has information on locks, bridges, and other hazards of navigation. Users can leave comments and receive rewards for providing useful information. The Skipper’s Handbook is also included in the Waterway Guide.

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