Morteau – Bourgogne-Franche-Comté – France


Morteau is a commune located in the Doubs department of eastern France. It is part of the Bourgogne-Franche-Comté region. It is an important regional center for the production of wine, cheese, and liqueurs. Its population is around 1,500 people. The city is home to a number of notable buildings.

Saucisse de Morteau

In 2007, the Saucisse de Morteau was awarded protected status in France. This designation recognized its importance in the regional pork industry. It was produced using traditional methods in the town of Morteau, France. Its production is approaching 5000 tonnes per year, making it a significant weight for the local pork industry. The French government has protected it as a Geographical Indication, ensuring the quality of the product.

Jesus de Morteau

The name Jesus de Morteau comes from the French region of Franche-Comte, where large coniferous forests are the predominant landscape. These forests provide the wood for the traditional smoking process. Cattle and cheese-dairy farms also contribute to the region’s agriculture, producing whey for use as animal feed.

Town hall

Morteau has a very historic town hall, built in 1590 by the Fauche family. After being occupied by officers of the Saxe-Weimar dynasty, the building passed into the hands of Benedictines. Then, in 1793, the commune of Morteau acquired the property. Today, the town hall is home to some municipal offices and has a unique collection of records. It also contains the Black Book, a collection of 54 charters dating from 1188 to 1514. It contains a number of arrests, sentences, conventions, and other details from the priory’s life. The Black Book was even transported to Switzerland during the Swedish invasion. Another notable local is the mathematician Jean Claude Bouquet, who is from Morteau.


Morteau College has a new wing for the horology program. The existing building is 253,000 square feet, and the new wing will house more space for the horology program. The building is designed like a modern watch factory, complete with expansive rooms for equipment and windows that allow natural light to filter through. Morteau’s mountainous location often creates a dense fog, so this design is very functional.

Recreational activities

Morteau has many activities to offer both visitors and residents. Visitors can take part in the Morteau Cyclo Rando (cycling and mountain biking trails), enjoy the lake, and learn about the region’s natural heritage. The town also hosts an annual carnival in July, a book festival, and a forum of associations.


If you are a fan of French cuisine and love a smoky flavor, you might want to give Morteau sausage a try. The meaty sausage is great in soups, braises and stews. Its smoky, porky flavor pairs well with potatoes and vegetables. Morteau sausage is cooked in water and half milk for an hour and half.

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