La Chaux-des-Crotenay

La ChauxdesCrotenay

La Chaux-des-Croteney is a charming village located in the Mont Blanc range. It is approximately 3.7 km away from Crans. The town’s mairie can be found here. If you’re interested in getting involved, you can check out the page for joining the town’s mairie.

Les Planches-en-Montagne

Chaux-des-Crotenai is located in the Jura department in the eastern French province of Bourgogne-Franche-Comté. This mountain village offers a variety of outdoor activities, including skiing, hiking, and cross-country skiing.

Planches-en-Montagne is located at a height of 723 meters above sea level. Its main watercourses are the Riviere la Saine and the Ruisseau d’Entre-Cotes. The municipality’s mayor is Gerard CART-LAMY. The town is part of the Haut-Jura National Park.

Residents of Planches-en-Montagne are called Planchoi. The population of the commune is 166 people. It has a density of 12,3 hab/km2. The gender of residents is 51,3 percent male and 48.7% female.

It is recommended to check traffic information for this area before driving to Les Planches-en-Montagne. The distance between Chaux-des-Crotenay and Planches-en-Montagne is 3.3 kilometers.

Les Planches-en-Jura

The village of Chaux-des-CrotenaY is located in the Jura. It has a population of 396 people, known as chauliens. It is located on a two-plateau Jurassian massif. It is located at an altitude of 808 meters, north of the village bourg. Its zip code is 39150.

The town is located in the Jura department of the Burgundy-Franche-Comte region. It is 367 kilometers from Paris and 35 kilometers from Lons-le-Saunier. Most visitors to the area travel via Paris, Lyon, or Geneva.

The population of Les Planches-en-Jura, the municipality of La Chaux-des-Croteny, is mainly made up of tourists and local residents. The area is home to a large number of festivals and local events throughout the year. There are about 70 occupied households in the village. A total of 24 businesses are in operation there.

Les Planches-en-Crotenay

Chaux-des-Crotena is a commune in the Jura department in the eastern part of France. It is a popular tourist destination that boasts many beautiful mountains, lakes, and other attractions.

This area of Chaux-des-Crotena is located at 775 metres above sea level and features a number of beautiful mountains and stunning views. It is also home to the Ruisseau de Pillemoine and Riviere la Lemme. Located in the Jura region, the city is part of the Haut-Jura Regional Park.

The population of Les Planches-en-Croten-Crotenay is around 418 inhabitants. The population density is 35,8 hab/km2. The population is made up of 49,5 % men and 50,5 % women.

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