How to Get to Paramos Portugal by Train

How to get to Paramos Portugal by train

Kissed by the sun and enlivened with spectacular landmarks, miraculous Portugal has affixed itself to the hearts of millions. Getting around is easy, and while the country lacks a dedicated rail network, its roads are smooth, paved, and in good condition. Cars are an excellent way to explore, though driving can be tricky in small walled towns where roads can taper to donkey cart size and fiendish one-way systems force you off course.

Buses are also an excellent mode of transport, especially if you’re planning to travel to smaller towns and villages in remote parks and nature reserves. Most private bus operators have amalgamated into regional companies, and while slow, the services are comfortable and affordable. Rede Expressos and Rodonorte are the two largest bus networks, while a new operator called Vamus Algarve has an extensive network in the south.

High-speed trains like the Alfa Pendular can get you from Lisbon to Aveiro in just 2 hours and are an excellent option for those who want to enjoy stunning Portuguese scenery while traveling. Intercidades and InterCity services are also available, and are a bit cheaper than the fast train options.

Portugal is not a very accessible destination, but the best cities for wheelchair users are Porto and Lisbon. Both have a number of stations with ramps and elevators, and many metro trains also have spaces for wheelchair users. For more information, check out Lonely Planet’s Accessible Travel guide for Portugal.

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