How to Get to Funcheira Portugal by Train

How to get to Funcheira Portugal by train

Driving around Portugal is easy enough, with a good network of estradas (highways) and well-marked routes. But navigating the country’s small walled towns can be a bit trickier, with roads tapering to donkey-cart size before you know it and fiendish one-way systems pushing you out of your way. Renting a car is straightforward, with rental outfits at most major cities and airports.

For longer distances, a rail trip is often the most comfortable and affordable mode of transportation. Portugal has a decent railway network, although it doesn’t reach everywhere. Most trains are operated by Comboios de Portugal (CP), which offers an extensive list of Intercidade and Alfa Pendular services. These are faster than local buses but still relatively inexpensive, and you can book tickets up to 30 days ahead of time. The company also operates the Lusitania Hotel train and a few lines to Spain, though these tend to be more expensive.

Lisbon and Porto have their own urbano (suburban) train networks that extend to Sintra, Cascais and Setubal. Both cities have a range of vintage trams that rumble through their historic old-town centers, offering a fun, cheap sightseeing tour.

Buses are an easy, cheap and convenient way to navigate Lisbon’s hilly streets, but their frequency can thin out during peak hours. The city’s expresso and rapida buses are faster, but you’ll have to book in advance for the better-equipped Rapida Xpress.

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