How to Get to Carregal Do Sal Portugal by Train

How to get to Carregal do Sal Portugal by train

The best way to travel to Carregal do Sal from Lisbon is by train. The journey takes around 3h 20m and tickets can be purchased on the website of Comboios de Portugal. The closest airport to Carregal do Sal is Viseu (VSE), however, the most convenient option is to fly into Lisbon and take a train from there.

Average temperature by month

The average temperature in Carregal do Sal varies significantly throughout the year. The warmest period is from early July to late August, while the coldest months are from December to February. The annual precipitation is moderate, with a maximum of 112 mm in February and a minimum of 102 mm in June.

Winds in Carregal do Sal are usually calm. The highest average hourly wind speed occurs in March, followed by February and December. Maximum sustained winds are rarely more than 10 knots (24.7 MPH or 44.6 KPH) and only occasionally reach peak levels above 15 knots (36.3 MPH or 54.3 KPH).

Cloud cover in Carregal do Sal varies throughout the year. The lowest average percentage of the sky covered is in October, with a peak of 76% on November 1. The highest average percentage of the sky covered is in August, with a peak of 80% on September 1.

The layout of Carregal Do Sal makes it particularly well-suited for tourism, with affordable accommodation suites located close to the most important sights and attractions in the area. The layout of the city also allows tourists to discover hidden gems that are far from the hustle and bustle. Buses are a great mode of transportation in Carregal Do Sal, especially as they leave from a number of central points, making it easy to reach them from anywhere in the city. Learning some of the local language can help visitors get by, and it will certainly endear them to native speakers who are sure to appreciate their efforts.

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