Tychero Railway Station in Greece

Located just southwest of the centre of Edirne, at the border with Turkey, Tychero station was designed by German architect Hans Kleinschmidt in an architectural competition which took place before construction began. It was built in the style of a neoclassical building, with a clock tower and an entrance adorned with arches. Construction was halted at the start of World War II, and the station was bombed during the early 1940s.

A modern air-conditioned InterCity train takes just 3h57 from here to Athens (after a speed-up in 2019), with fares as low as EUR45 for 2nd class and even less for 1st. The route is scenic too, as the train snakes across a magnificent escarpment south of Larissa and passes Mount Olympus, the mythical home of the Greek gods.

There are also suburban trains to Kiato and Chalkida. These are operated by the suburban railway line ‘Kato Acharnai’, and are a cheap alternative to taking a taxi to Athens. You’ll need a ticket for the metro network to use this option, but it can save time and hassle by bypassing the long line for taxis at the port.

Buses run to Edirne and other nearby towns and cities, including central Athens, but they’re not really practical for a day trip unless you’re travelling with a group of people who can all share a taxi. Renting a car is an option, although many visitors find it simpler to stick with the metro, suburban and ferry networks within Thessaloniki.

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