Travelling to Besancon by Train? Check Out Gare De Dannemarie-Velsmes


If you’re thinking about travelling to Besancon by train, you may want to start by checking out Gare de Dannemarie-Velesmes. You’ll find all the information you need here, including train companies and accessibility on the trains. You can also find out about Besancon’s road cycling routes.

Gare de Dannemarie-Velesmes

The Gare de Dannemarie-Velsmes railway station is a French railway station located in the town of Dannemarie-sur-Crete in the département of Doubs. It is served by trains from Paris, Lyon, and Lille. It is open 24 hours a day.

Train companies

There are two train stations in Dannemarie-Velesme, located on the Dole-Belfort line. Both are located at an elevation of 267 metres. There are 86 weekly trains between the two cities. The SNCF and the Swiss Railways operate this route.

The train trip from Dannemarie-sur-Crete to Saint-Vit takes approximately 5 hours. However, travelers should know that the train schedules may change due to local events and pointe periods. Therefore, they should always check the train schedule in advance.

Accessibility on trains

The Dannemarie-Velesmes train station in Burgundy-Franche-Comte is a hub for the French rail network, enabling travellers to reach the region by train. This train station also provides connections to other modes of transport.

The journey from Lyon to Dannemarie-Velesmes by train takes about 5 hours and 4 minutes, depending on the train. However, if you want to travel earlier or later, you can take a sleeper train. There are 13 trains that travel on the route, which covers 111 miles. On average, you will need to make 1 change along the way. The main rail operators on this route include TGV, SNCF, and OUIGO.

Besancon Road Cycling Routes

You’ll find a number of different Road Cycling Routes in Besancon, France. Many of them are hilly and/or uphill. These routes are popular with bikers during the summer months. Check out the following list of recommended cycle routes to visit while you’re in Besancon.

Besancon is located in the Bourgogne-Franche-Comte department. It borders Szwajcaria and the Jura, and is a historic cultural center. In 2016, it was included in the Bourgogne-Franche-Comte region. Its climate is continental with 1059mm of precipitation per year.

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