Trains in Finland – Helsinki to Tampere

Trains are a great way to explore the beautiful landscapes of Finland. They have comfortable seats and ample legroom to help passengers relax during the ride.

An additional track at Pasila west of Helsinki has reduced disruptions in freight traffic and improved the punctuality of passenger trains. Onboard perks like play zones for kids and quiet cubicles for phone calls make train rides a stress-relieving option for families.

Trains in Finland

Commuter and long-range trains operate on Finland’s railway network. A trip by train offers a comfortable ride and an opportunity to admire the beautiful Finnish scenery. The vast majority of trains are operated by state-owned VR Group.

The passenger train route in Finland is incredibly busy, with thousands of trains traveling through Pasila on weekdays. The addition of an additional western track in Pasila was completed two years ago, which significantly improves traffic on the main line and reduces its vulnerability to disruptions.

The A train is the quickest service on the commuter rail system, stopping at all stations from Helsinki Central. It used to be called the G train, but it was abolished in order to improve timetable keeping on the main line during winter conditions.

Trains between Helsinki and Tampere

The main line to Tampere from Helsinki is operated by the national train operator VR. Most passenger services are regional, but a few InterCity trains travel this route as well. Regardless of your choice, the trip will be comfortable and fast.

The line runs concurrently with the Helsinki-Määrin main railway to Riihimaki, then veers round towards its destination and skirts the extreme southern shore of Paijanne. At Kouvola the line splits into two: a branch runs south to serve the coast, while the main line heads north.

On the main line, trains can reach a maximum speed of 220 km/h (140 mph). The speed limit on other sections is lower.

Trains between Tampere and Joensuu

Approximately 2.7 million departing, arriving and transfer passengers pass through Tampere station every year. The station is one of the busiest on the main line and hosts a number of trains per day.

Traveling from Helsinki to Tampere by train is a relaxing and scenic experience. There are dozens of daily departures from Helsinki to Tampere, and the trip only takes two hours. Book a seat and sit back to enjoy the scenery or read a book while you’re traveling.

The Finnish railway network is maintained by state-owned VR, which operates passenger services across 7,225 km (4,489 mi). Its wide 1,524 mm (5 ft) track gauge allows for higher speed and better reliability. It also connects Finland’s bustling cities and charming villages.

Trains between Tampere and Turku

The scenic route between Helsinki and Tampere offers some of Finland’s most impressive scenery. Sit back on a comfortable InterCity or VR train and gaze out the window at Arctic landscapes, fields of hay, and traditional wooden houses. When you get hungry, order a meal from the modern restaurant car and enjoy it in comfort at your seat.

In addition, the state has reached agreement with municipalities along the line to set up companies that will oversee the planning phase for the One Hour Train project – a planned fast-track link between Turku’s Kupittaa and Helsinki’s Pasila stations. If completed, the trains will zip along at a staggering 300 km/h!

Both cities attract many visitors during the summer when both offer plenty of family-friendly activities. Winter also sees a good number of visitors to both cities. During this season, temperatures in Helsinki are typically around the same as in Tampere. But both cities have enough sunshine during the winter to keep travelers happy!

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