Train Tickets to Macon-Loch TGV Station

MconLoch TGV

Train station Macon-Loche TGV

Macon-Loche TGV station is located outside the city and serves Macon. The station offers modern facilities and services for passengers. It offers access to the LGV Sud-Est rail network and connections to Lyon and Annecy. It also has a restaurant and ticket sales counters.

To reach the train station, walk or take a bus from downtown Macon. There are several buses that leave the station every hour and stop at different destinations on the way. Alternatively, you can walk to the station; it will take about 20 minutes. If you wish to travel faster, you can take a taxi. A taxi will cover the distance in seven minutes.

Train ticket prices

Train tickets to Macon-Loch TGV Station cost between twenty and thirty-five euros (USD). Depending on the time of year and the train’s schedule, these tickets can save you money on your travel. The journey takes about twenty-four minutes. The price for the train ticket increases as the date of departure approaches. There are no special last-minute offers available, so it is important to purchase your train ticket early to get a good deal.

Macon-Loch TGV opened on 27 September 1981. It was built along the LGV Sud-Est line. However, on the first day of service, a TGV derailed and injured people who were waiting for it.

Luggage allowance

The Mcon-Loch TGV baggage allowance policy does not specify any luggage size restrictions. You can bring as many bags as you like, and there is no additional charge for checked baggage. It is important to note that you must be able to comfortably carry your luggage and to make room for it within the compartments of the train. If your bag is too large or bulky, it can be shipped to you by courier at an additional charge.

The luggage allowance is EUR40 per piece. All passengers must be able to carry their own luggage, and it is permitted to bring as much as three pieces of luggage. Each piece of luggage must not exceed 290 cm in length, width, and height, and must weigh 25 kg or less. You can also bring a folding bicycle, but it must be stored in a bike bag. The bag’s dimensions are also included in the total allowed amount of luggage.

Additional driver option

With the additional driver option, you can allow someone else to take over driving duties. This way, you can relax and enjoy the scenery. An additional driver will not only take care of the safety of the other passengers, but will also take care of the driver’s responsibilities when you need to rest.

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