Things to Do in Rodao Portugal

things to do in Rodao Portugal

Get to know Rodao’s cultural expressions, including its cuisine and handicraft. The bishop’s Baroque garden has intricate fountains and figurative tilework, while Castelo Branco’s embroidery and Nisa’s pottery are also worth a look.

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1. Portas de Rodao

Located in the Castelo Branco District, Vila Velha de Rodao is home to a wide selection of attractions and experiences. It is a must-see for hikers who love to explore the mountain viewpoints and trails. It is also a great place to spot wildlife and bird species. The most famous bird in the region is the Griffon Vulture. Other soaring birds include Tawny Owl, Barn Owl and Eurasian Nightjar.

The city is also home to King Vamba Castle, which was once the palace of a Visigoth king. The castle is now a tourist attraction and is an excellent place for hiking and exploring. It is also home to the renaissance church of St. Mary of the Convent and a pillory from the same era.

The local cuisine is also worth trying. It includes dishes such as fried pike-perch and barbell, which have a sweet flavor unlike sea fish. Visitors can also try the achiga a bras, which is a type of river fish stew.

2. Naturtejo Global Geopark

The Geopark Naturtejo is a large area of more than 5,000 km2, embracing seven municipalities (Castelo Branco, Idanha-a-Nova, Nisa, Oleiros, Penamacor, Proenca-a-Nova and Vila Velha de Rodao), with a rich geological heritage under the UNESCO label. It is the first Geopark in Portugal to be integrated into the European and Global network of UNESCO Geoparks, integrating a strategy for development that is not only based on Nature but also focuses on culture and society.

Hiking, cycling, bird watching, trying the raw materials and old techniques of a local craftsman, tasting a rare historic wine, panning for gold or even just singing with a community group are all activities that can be enjoyed in this area of great natural diversity. This is a place where the landscape tells you fascinating stories about Earth dynamics and how Man wisely interacted with it. You will discover a wealth of cultural identity that is transmitted by the people who live here.

3. So Joo da Serra

Located in Castelo Branco District, So Joo da Serra is home to an impressive selection of attractions and experiences. Whether you want to explore local culture or take in a must-see scenic spot, there is sure to be something for everyone here!

During the spring and early autumn, you can enjoy activities like hiking or horse riding in the area. While the weather is still warm, you can also enjoy a variety of different food and drinks.

For culture lovers, the Fundacao Serralves hosts 40 hours of non-stop dance and music shows and exhibitions during its Serralves Contemporary Art Festival in June. It’s one of the largest events in Portugal and draws in both Portuguese and international performers. The Museu do Pao (bread museum) is another must-see for history and culture buffs. It showcases the history of Portuguese bread-making and contains four exhibition spaces. In addition, you can also visit the Nossa Senhora da Nazare Shrine.

4. Rodao Gateway

Whether you want to explore the local cuisine or delve into the region’s history, Rodao Gateway offers something for everyone. Guests can dine at one of the many restaurants and cafés scattered throughout the terminal, while children can enjoy themselves at the play area or grab some fast food at the snack bars.

Book a large family vacation rental to ensure all your loved ones have space to spread out and relax in Vila Velha de Rodao. “Casa Do Adro – Rustic House” has plenty of room to accommodate a crowd and provides convenient amenities like a fireplace. Situated around 13 miles from the heart of Vila Velha de Rodao, this property also boasts easy access to Froia River Beach and Episcopal Palace Gardens.

Traveling by bus is a great way to get around Rodao and explore the surrounding areas. Listen to your favorite tunes during the trip and make the journey even more enjoyable. Taking the bus allows you to save on fuel costs and reduce your carbon footprint. A bus ride only uses 0.6-0.9 liters of fuel per passenger, which is far less than what you would use driving a car or train.

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