Things to Do in Roanne, France


The town of Roanne is located in central France. Its historical sites and attractions include the Chateau de Roanne, Les Halles Diderot, and the Saint-Nicolas-du-Port chapel. The city also boasts a beautiful beach that is perfect for surfing. The town also offers some fantastic opportunities for hiking and biking in the area.

Chateau de Roanne

Tours of the Chateau de Roanne are available to visitors. A guided tour reveals the fascinating history of this ancient city. The Dechelette Museum contains a fascinating collection of Egyptian artifacts dating back to the fourth century. The museum’s altar is covered with a polychrome marble mosaic. Tours of the city can also include a stop at the town hall and tourist office. The town is also home to medieval houses, including the Maison a Pans de Bois, a listed French historic monument.

Les Halles Diderot

The Halles Diderot is a food and wine destination in the center of Roanne, France. It is part of the city’s food image, industry, and project. Here, you can enjoy delicious cuisine and sample some of the region’s finest wines.

Saint-Nicolas-du-Port chapel

In 1617, a Jesuit school opened in the port town, which later became known as Roanne. The chapel was built in Italian Renaissance style and has a beautiful mosaic altar. The chapel also houses a post office and grain store. Today, visitors can tour the town and see the chapel’s history.

Villerest beach

If you want to enjoy the sun and the sea at the same time, you can stay in one of the cottages in Villerest, which is located in the town of Roanne. During the summer, this beach is a must for visitors. It is located at the foot of the harbour, between the canal and the Loire. The city is also home to the famous cycling tour of Roannais, which is organized every July. During this period, you can also enjoy the Charolais festival, where you can try out local beef and other specialties.

Museum of Fine Arts and Archeology Joseph-Dechelette

The Roanne, Museum of Fine Arts and Archaeology Joseph-Dechelette is a fine art museum with displays of Egyptian artifacts and paintings. The museum is housed in a 19th century mansion.

La Praluline wine

The Roanne region is well-known for its wines, and one of the most famous is the Roanne La Praluline. The region is home to many domains. The region is also known for its praluline, a brioche filled with pink pralines, a combination of hazelnuts and candied almonds. In addition, there are several varieties of cheese made at the Mons Dairy, which matures them in a former railway tunnel. Other food that is popular in the Charlie area includes andouille sausage, a tripe sausage.

Cote Roannaise vineyard

Located in the foothills of the Monts de la Madeleine, the Cote Roannaise vineyard covers over two hundred hectares. This is one of the most southerly winegrowing regions in France. Located 400-500 metres above sea level, the vineyard is owned by a family of winemakers. The vineyard has been in the family for more than 300 years. Today, the domaine is run by Georges Paire, who succeeded his father Benoit Paire.

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