Things to Do in Paredes Portugal

things to do in Paredes Portugal

Paredes is a frequent destination for low-cost stays. Money-savers from around the globe seek out ideal cheapest hotels in Paredes, extended stay hotels, and budget accommodation.

For a change of pace on baking summer days, Magikland offers a diverting day out for kids at heart with rides like bumper cars and a Ferris wheel accompanied by log flumes, a rollercoaster, and a train that trundles through woods.

1. Visit the Church of Our Lady of the Assumption

Paredes is a small town with low room prices that offer great value. It is also a quiet place without the confusion that plagues larger urban areas. Despite this, there is still plenty to do and see in the area.

Spend a carefree afternoon sipping vinho verde wine at an old estate, or exploring the ruins of an ancient castle that once ruled northwest Iberia. You can also venture into vineyard-covered hills, or tour palaces converted into museums.

Magikland, five kilometres from Paredes, is a diverting day out for kids with fairground rides like bumper cars, Ferris wheels and carousels accompanied by larger permanent attractions such as log flumes and rollercoasters. There’s a family restaurant inside, or bring your own picnic to tables in cool pine woodland.

Economical alternatives in Paredes range from low-priced capsules in central locations to excellent bundles on top-end 5-star luxurious hotels near Paredes points of interest parks for visitors of all tastes and budgets.

2. Explore the Aqueduct of Vila Cova de Carros

Paredes is a charming corner of northern Portugal, with vineyard-detailed countryside and farms growing succulent casca de carvalho melons. It’s on the Romanesque Route and also boasts some atmospheric medieval monuments. Visit two majestic churches and explore the ruins of a castle caught up in the wars with the Moors.

Spend a carefree afternoon sipping vinho verde wine at a rustic old estate and tour palaces converted into museums or explore the ruins of an ancient town that once ruled northwest Iberia. You can also venture into the woods to discover some impressive caves.

The hilltop citadel of Vila Cova de Carros is a fascinating place to visit. It houses a pillory that used to be draped with criminals’ body parts after their executions and is a dramatic spot to enjoy views over the vineyard-covered landscape. Just five kilometres away is Magikland, a diverting day out for families with kids up to around 10. Ride fairground amusements like bumper cars and a Ferris wheel alongside larger permanent rides, including a log flume and a rollercoaster.

3. Take a walk along the Sousa River

The beautiful gorge of the Sousa River is a must-see attraction for visitors to Paredes Portugal. This beautiful park offers hiking trails, mountain tours in buggys, and a chance to observe some of the region’s most fascinating wildlife.

Paredes is known for its wine and you can’t visit without trying some of the local products. Whether it’s the delicious melao casca de carvalho (“oak bark melon”) or the much-loved broa de milho (corn bread), this region is brimming with unique things to try.

The Ponte Internacional is a spectacular old steel bridge that spans the Portuguese border between Spain and Portugal. Originally built in 1884, this beautifully engineered bridge is a great place to take a walk and appreciate the history of the area. The bridge also provides a stunning view of the historic city of Tui. It’s a good idea to bring your camera and snap some photos of this amazing landmark! This is a must-see attraction in Paredes Portugal.

4. Visit a winery

Paredes offers visitors the chance to experience some of Portugal’s fine wines in a rural setting. Wineries like Herdade Fonte Paredes and Quinta do Almeal offer visits to their vineyards and tastings of old vintages, and they also arrange river trekking, hiking in the Peneda Geres National Park and more for tourists.

Parede’s aqueduct is a sight to behold, too. It’s made of blocks of deeply etched granite, and it supports a channel that runs for half a kilometre across the valley. You’ll be able to admire this Romanesque monument from a viewing platform at the top of the hill where it stands.

Enjoy local dishes like melao casca de carvalho (oak bark melon) during summer, along with broa de milho (corn bread). Indulge in presunto ham from the region, too. For dessert, try sopa seca doce, which is a dry soup made of cornbread and cinnamon. The busiest time of the year for tourism in Paredes is May, followed by August and July.

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