Things to Do in Ferradosa, Portugal

A visit to the famous Linha do Douro train line is a must. Ensure you sit on the right side of the train to take in the stunning landscape.

If you are able, consider catching the train all the way to Pocinho. This will allow you plenty of time to explore the pretty town and also catch a return train back to Porto.

1. Visit the Castle of Freixo

The Castle of Freixo is a medieval castle located in the civil parish of Numao, municipality of Vila Nova de Foz Coa, district of Guarda. It is a tourist attraction of the region.

The village is surrounded by vineyards and olive groves that make it an ideal destination for wine and nature lovers. It is also home to many historic buildings and monuments, including the Church of Nossa Senhora da Assuncao.

Be sure to try a glass of local port wine at one of the town’s famous quintas. Caves Ferreira, a local winery founded in 1751, is the oldest of these and is worth a visit to learn more about this renowned drink. The property is a little further out from the bridge that folks crossing from Ribeira to Gaia use, so it gets fewer visitors than its more centrally-located counterparts.

2. Visit the Wine Museum

A visit to Ferradosa is a unique and memorable experience. It is home to a range of attractions that offer something for every traveler, whether they’re looking for an active outdoor adventure or an immersive cultural experience.

At the top, you can admire one of the most stunning examples of Portuguese architecture – the 17th century church of Santa Maria de Salzedas, built by the monks. There are a number of chapels here, too, including the enchanting Hexagonal Chapel and the Desterro Chapel.

The small museum here is a must for any wine lover. Then, make sure to stop by the local shops and try some of the area’s famous port wines. The region also produces a variety of other types of wine, such as the sultry and sweet Douro Tinto, which offers notes of berries and flowers.

3. Take a Cruise on the River Douro

One of the best things to do in Ferradosa is to take a cruise on the River Douro. The Douro is a beautiful region that offers stunning scenery and wine tastings. The cruise will take you through the beautiful countryside and the vineyards that make Port wine.

You’ll enjoy a relaxing experience on the riverboat, which will float past ancient vineyards and barcos rabelos (ships laden with casks of port). Plus, you’ll visit historic cities like Porto, Braga, and Guimares.

The beauty of the Douro is unmatched, from the lush vineyards near Porto to the wild craggy landscapes further upstream. Some tours include a scenic boat trip, winery tours, and lunch, giving you a wide-ranging experience of the Douro wine region. You may even be able to sample some of the local favorites, such as bacalhau (salt cod) and Francesinha, which is a sandwich made with ham, sausage, and steak covered in melted cheese.

4. Explore the Local Vineyards

The vineyards of the Douro Valley are stunning, with steep terraces and tiny villages clinging to the hillsides. Whether you’re on the train between Regua and Tua or the scenic road between Pinhao and Foz Coa, the landscape is enchanting. The railway station in Pinhao is especially beautiful, with azulejos covering its walls.

The local wineries are also worth a visit. Many offer tastings and tours of their facilities. Hiking is another popular activity in the region. However, it’s best to hire a guide or join a tour group. The trail networks are extensive and getting lost is easy.

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5. Enjoy the Local Cuisine

The region’s food is just as spectacular as its wine. Bacalhau (salt cod) is a local favorite. It’s oven-baked and layered with onions, diced potatoes, and cream to create Bacalhau com Natas. It is then served with a glass of lightly oaked Douro white or a glass of Port.

The village of Ferradosa is surrounded by vineyards and historic castles. It is a perfect place to spend your holidays. The area is famous for its wine and cuisine, which are among the best in Portugal.

If you want to visit Ferradosa, there is a train that runs from Pinhao to Pocinho. The train departs from the main railway station in Pinhao five times a day. The trip takes approximately 32 minutes. If you plan to go on the tour, you should book your tickets online.

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