Things to Do in Carcavelos Portugal

things to do in Carcavelos Portugal

Carcavelos is best known for its beach, Praia de Carcavelos. This is one of the finest beaches on the Lisbon coastline, renowned for its reliable surf and soft golden sands.

It’s also well served by public transport, being only 20km from central Lisbon. The trains are direct and regular.

1. Praia de Carcavelos

The main reason Carcavelos is popular with visitors is that it is home to one of the best beaches near Lisbon. The long stretch of sandy beach is a great place to spend a day relaxing and swimming in the sea. The town also offers plenty of water sports, including surfing.

The beach is surrounded by restaurants and surf schools, so you can easily get everything you need for your day at the beach. In addition, there are several other beaches in the area, including Praia da Parede and Praia de Bafureira.

Carcavelos is also a popular destination for families with kids. The beach is safe and the waters are calm, making it a good choice for children of all ages. The town also has a number of attractions for adults, including the Fort of Sao Juliao da Barra and the Convent of the Carmelites. It is also renowned for its educational policies and the quality of its public schools, which are complemented by private institutions of excellence.

2. Quinta da Alagoa

Carcavelos is a charming beach town with a relaxed vibe that attracts people from Lisbon. It can get busy in the Summer but its pristine beaches and friendly atmosphere makes it well worth a visit.

You can reach this hidden gem by train from the Cais do Sodre station, which takes around 26 minutes (19 during rush hours). From there it’s less than a 10-minute walk down a pine-scented road to the beach.

Those who enjoy surfing will love Carcavelos beach, which has decent waves for beginners and intermediate surfers. It is also a good place to take a surf lesson from one of the many reputable schools in the area.

Those who want to relax on the beach can lounge in the sun or read a book, while kids can play games and make new friends. In the mornings there are sports and physical activities for children, while in the afternoons there are artistic expression exercises (painting, drawing, plastic arts and ceramics). Guests can also participate in harvesting (olives, grapes and mushrooms) during different times of the year.

3. Monastery of Sao Joao da Barra

Carcavelos is a charming coastal town just a short train ride from Lisbon. With its gorgeous beaches, quaint streets and vibrant culture, it’s the perfect day trip from the capital.

The town became famous as a place to visit for surfers and gastronomic tourists alike, but before that happened it was known for its wine. Carcavelos’ long coastline and noticeable tides make it an excellent spot for a day out on the beach or taking lessons from one of the many local surf schools.

One of the main attractions in town is the Monastery of Sao Joao da Barra. This 16th-century convent now houses a museum that displays stunning examples of the beautiful Portuguese tile art (or “azulejos”), and is a must-visit when in town. The museum features different patterns and styles, from the more traditional to modern-day. You can also learn more about the history of this art form and see how it has been incorporated into different buildings and structures over time.

4. Museum of Tiles

The city of Lisbon is renowned for its beautiful tile art—the azulejos—decorated on many buildings. This one-of-a-kind museum, housed in the beautiful Madre de Deus convent, explains how tiles have been used to decorate structures and create intricate murals in Portuguese history.

Carcavelos Beach is one of the most popular beaches in Lisbon. Its golden sand and calm clear waters draw families with children and surfers. During the summer, there are also plenty of restaurants and beach chairs to rent.

Located about 20 minutes from downtown Lisbon, this wide Atlantic Ocean beach is a fantastic option for a family day out. Spend a day taking sunbaths, swimming in the warm water or conquering the waves with surfing schools available here. It’s also a great place for a romantic visit as the scenery is truly picturesque.

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