Things to Do in Ballycarry

things to do in Ballycarry

Whether you want to brush up on local history at a museum or enjoy lively arts, Ballycarry has something for everyone.

It sits midway between Larne and Carrickfergus overlooking Islandmagee.

The village has a strong Ulster Scots heritage. The church here is the oldest Presbyterian congregation in Ireland dating back to 1613.

Templecorran Church

The ruined Templecorran church is one of Ballycarry’s most romantic and picturesque attractions. It is an ideal spot for a quiet picnic and has stunning views of the North Antrim coast, Rathlin Island, and even Scotland.

The original circular boundary ditch of the ecclesiastical site, which has an estimated diameter of 320 metres, can still be traced around Templecorran. It was the location of an early Christian monastery although none of the buildings survive. It later became the site of a parish church, possibly the ‘Church of Laslaynan’ recorded in papal taxation documents from 1306 AD.

The Edmonstone family were staunch Presbyterians and brought over Edward Brice to minister at the church. He would have been a popular figure in the village. The church was later re-built for the Non-Subscribing Presbyterian congregation in 1830.

Orr’s Grave

There’s plenty of things to do in Ballycarry, from brushing up on local history at a museum to enjoying lively arts. Explore all the hidden gems the region has to offer and plan your next family day out today!

Benjamin Orr, a founding member of the quirky rock band The Cars, is buried at St. Patrick Cemetery. The grave is marked by a marble headstone featuring an etching of a guitar and is decorated with trinkets from fans who visit. You can find handwritten notes, a drumstick, keychains and coins on the site. The Cars’ music was the soundtrack to many a teenage summer, and their songs still resonate with people today.

The Ballycarry DNA Project is an exciting project that allows members of the community to identify their connections to other people who live in and around the village. This will help to build a picture of relationships that go beyond paper records, and create stronger connections within the community.

Nelson’s Grave

Located along the Battle Road trail near Nelson Farm, this grave marker marks the approximate location where British soldiers killed in an April 19, 1775 battle were buried. Like other grave markers throughout Minute Man National Historical Park, the identities of the soldiers remain a mystery. However, 100 years after the fight, historians collected family lore and local legends to piece together the events that took place here.

A black sarcophagus is the centerpiece of this memorial, which also includes 30 casualties commemorated in the original headstone from Great Marsden (St John) Churchyard that could no longer be maintained. It is undoubtedly the most significant and moving site in Ballycarry.

Whether you’re looking to brush up on some history at a museum, enjoy the local arts scene, or see some sport, this region has plenty of things for the whole family to do. Plan your next day out with the kids today. 139 fun places to visit are waiting to be explored.

Ballycarry Murals

The village of Ballycarry has a community association which organises the annual Broadisland Gathering which celebrates the local Ulster-Scots heritage and culture. The association also hosts community dances, discussions, re-enactments and exhibitions.

The Ballycarry murals depict the village’s historic past, including General Sir James Steele walking through the village, Susie Hay of Drumgart House baking in her kitchen, the Delaney brothers killed in World War II, Redhall army camp and a school class from the village. A new mural depicting a clenched fist on a blue background was added in 2017.

There are also plans to paint a series of murals that will identify families that have lived side-by-side in the village for generations. These will be based on DNA testing of descendants to identify how they are connected to other people living in the area today, going beyond paper records. This will be a valuable resource for both locals and visitors to the area.

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