Things to Do in Alfarelos Portugal

Visiting Portugal is all the rage right now. It’s a fascinating country with an equally fascinating history and plenty of things to see and do.

The hilltop castle of Tomar is a must-visit for history lovers. The town also houses the UNESCO-listed Templar and Order of Christ buildings.

Chapel of Sao Miguel

For a carnivorous feast, head to Associacao Agricola de Sao Miguel, an eatery in Ribeira Quente where dishes showcase the island’s bounty (think blood sausage and Azorean pineapple). In town, visit Ponda do Garajau for fresh-caught seafood.

If you’re looking to stretch your legs, saunter across the Terra Nostra gardens with their paved pathways and themed gardens. This historic European garden is a highlight of Sao Miguel and often crowded in summer.

Head to Ponta Delgada and walk along the waterfront until you reach Portas da Cidade, a set of gates built with dark basalt stone that’s become an emblem of the city. Here, you’ll find the 16th-century Igreja Matriz de So Sebastiao. You can also explore the Jardim Antonio Borges public park, a tropical garden with stunning grottoes worth snapping photos of.

Monastery of Santa Cruz

Visiting the Monastery of Santa Cruz is an experience that will give you a glimpse into Portugal’s religious past. The monastery is also one of the country’s National Monuments. It houses tombs of the first two kings of Portugal, Afonso Henriques and Sancho I. The tombs are sculpted in the Manueline style of art.

The cloister is an absolute masterpiece of Manueline architecture, featuring arches with botanical and marine motifs. The church itself is a blend of Romanesque and Baroque styles.

Whether you want to enjoy the sights of Santa Cruz or take part in some wine tasting, this city has something for everyone. Wine lovers can tour the vineyards and sample delicious Chardonnay and Pinot Noir wines. Those who enjoy beer can visit Brew Cruz, a bus tour that takes visitors to local breweries.

Portugal dos Pequenitos

Embrace your inquisitive side as you inspect diminutive versions of Portugal’s most iconic houses, pavilions & monuments at this quirky & fun miniature park. Children will especially enjoy trying to recognize the national monuments & learn about them in a playful way.

The park is organized into sections that represent the different regions of Portugal & its colonial territories. There are also Indian temples, Chinese palaces & African villages surrounded by tropical vegetation.

Designed in 1940 by Professor Bissaya Barreto & the architect Cassiano Branco, this village-like miniature park was meant to do a lot more than entertain children. Built during the Estado Novo dictatorship, it portrayed an idealistic vision of Portugal & its heritage while reinforcing nationalism at a time when the country was going through an identity crisis.

Museum Centre of Salt

The Museum Centre of Salt proves that salt is far more interesting than it sounds. This fascinating museum is a testament to the local people’s relationship with the salt pans of Figueira da Foz.

The museum has plenty to do, including interactive displays on science and history. These include a computer animation globe called Science on a Sphere, a Foucault pendulum, and even a piece of moon rock from the Apollo 15 mission.

There is also a dedicated area for children aged 4 and under. Here, they can watch videos of Bible stories on ships and arrange Tanagrams into pictures and patterns. Then they can use their imagination to build temples and other structures out of blocks. The experience is sure to delight the little ones!

Mercado Municipal Engenheiro Silva

O Mercado Municipal Engenheiro Silva foi concebido em aterro por combustibles de barra de carga e tem o nome de Engenheiro Silva, um dos grandes impulsionadores do desenvolvimento portuario, comercial, industrial e social da cidade. O Jardim Municipal tinha lugar na era da concessao de armazenamentos, oficinas, forjas, serralharias, casas de arreios e carpintarias deste bairro atual.

O evento de comida é organizado no Mercado ao dia 23 de Junho. Tiago Mendes, especializado na Dietetica e Nutrica, irá demonstrar algumas receitas vegetarianas utilizando produtos locais e reconhecendo a importância de um alimento saudável e sustentável.

O Mercado irá ser, no entanto, palco de aprendizagem para as turmas de escolas do municipio de Figueirenses. Semanalmente, os alunos dos Agrupamentos de Escolas de cidade começarem a visitar o Mercado com o objectivo de conhecer e valorizar os alimentos locais e do mercado, recognindo a sua importância para uma alimentaço saudável e sustentável.

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