The People and Places of Andelot and Les Moineaux La Ferme Des Tourterrelles, France


With the last name Andelot, you have a variety of resources at your fingertips. There are nearly 3,000 public census records available, which you can use to learn about your ancestors’ daily life, educational level, and veteran status. You can also search through 642 immigration records, including passenger lists, which will provide details about your ancestors’ travels. Military records, on the other hand, will give you detailed information about your ancestors’ service.

Les Moineaux La Ferme Des Tourterelles

Les Moineaux La Ferme Des Tourterrelles, Andelot, France is a perfect place to experience the natural world. The surrounding areas are filled with diverse plants and animals. You will find rapaces, owls, and a variety of other species that live in the area. There are also many interesting walks to be had.

The femelle has hatched dozens of eggs. The first Caille was heard on the 22nd of April. The second one was heard on the 25th. The eggs were then placed in cages.

Nice Cirfontaines – En – Ornois

The commune of Cirfontaines-en-Ornois is located in the north-eastern region of France in the Haute-Marne department. The town has a population of over 18,000 people and is home to several universities.

The town’s main watercourse is the Ruisseau de l’Etang and it lies at an altitude of 372 metres. Its mayor is Annick VERRON. The commune is a part of the Bassin de Joinville en Champagne commune, and is located near the park naturel régional of Lorraine. Its mairie is located at 2 Bis Rue Gault, and it can be contacted by phone.

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