The Passenger Line in Finland – Savonlinna to Parikkala

There are three to five flights a day from Helsinki, Finland to Parikkala. It’s about a 4-hour trip from the airport to the city.

Trains are operated by VR. There are K and R trains that run every 10 minutes. Occasionally there’s a T train that goes all the way to Riihimaki or Tampere.


One of the best ways to get around in the Land of a Thousand Lakes is by train. The well-developed Finnish rail network offers numerous domestic and cross-border connections to match any travel plan.

From the capital Helsinki, 15 domestic routes lead to major mainland cities, and four routes cross the Baltic Sea to neighboring countries. The transport modes used on these routes and their emission factors are reflected in Table 2.

The city center is located at the Savonlinna-Kauppatori station, and it became the main terminus of the Huutokoski-Parikkala railway after the central train station was closed permanently due to rebuilding work. The terminal features a small station building and an accessible 55-centimetres (22 in) platform.

The train services are operated by VR and usually use FLIRT Sm5 trains. R trains run between Helsinki and Kerava, while D trains only operate to Riihimaki and Tampere (occasionally also to Helsinki). Power plug sockets are provided in every seat.


A well-developed network of long-distance buses connects Savonlinna with other major Finnish destinations. Traveling by bus to Savonlinna from Helsinki takes 4 1/2-5 hours and costs about 48EUR/one-way. Buses also operate from Mikkeli, Varkaus, Jyvaskyla and Imatra. Check Matkahuolto for schedules and fares.

Another option is to drive your own car to Savonlinna. Highways link the town with nearby cities, including Lappeenranta. Once in the city, follow signs to Olavinlinna Castle and Linnankatu, which is a typical historical street setting with old buildings, restaurants, bars and cafes.

To get from Tampere to Savonlinna, take the train or a bus operated by Soisalon Liikenne Oy. You can use Rome2Rio’s route planner to plan your trip and find the best prices on tickets. The journey from Parikkala to Savonlinna is around 53 min and the train ticket varies in price according to the class you select. There are 44 trains that run on the route weekly, although weekend and holiday schedules vary so be sure to check in advance.


The Rajojen reitti hiking trail winds through wide pine heaths and deep spruce forests where the national border between Sweden and Russia ran for centuries. The trail has a number of ponds and saunas, including the Porolampi and Suur-Varpanen lean-to shelters, and offers scenic views. It also passes by the Oronmylly bridge, which used to connect the main road with the railway line in Savonlinna.

Savonlinna has a modern, high-speed Pendolino train, which is an Italian-designed tilting train. The train is very comfortable with seats that offer power outlets and information screens. The trains also have an extra class with more spacious and comfortable seats.

Commuter trains do not require reservations, but it’s possible to upgrade your seat on InterCity and Pendolino trains by paying few euros more. If you buy a regular priced ticket, your seat is included in the price. One-way train fares from Helsinki to Mikkeli or Savonlinna cost 48EUR ($62). Trains arrive at the Savonlinna-Kauppatori station in the center of town.

Rental Cars

Car rental is widely available in Finland. Most major companies have offices at the airport, where they offer a wide range of vehicles from EVs to SUVs. A car is recommended for traveling in the countryside, as public transportation is rather limited and it is difficult to reach many nature attractions on foot. The main highway in the country is E75 (Nelostie 4, or Highway number 4). However, it is worth sometimes taking the smaller local roads as they are more charming and allow a deeper immersion into the Finnish countryside.

An international driving license is usually required to drive a car in Finland. Detailed information about driver requirements is provided by the car rental supplier and can be found on your booking voucher. The rental company may also apply restrictions on distance per day – see the rate details. Adding an additional driver is possible in most cases, but the request must be made on arrival at the rental counter.

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