Property in Lus-la-Croux-Haute in France


Lus-la-Croix Haute is a commune located in the Drôme department, France. It is located in the southeast of the country. The commune is popular with tourists who enjoy the area’s natural beauty and peaceful lifestyle. The town offers great opportunities for outdoor sports and recreation.


The commune of Lus-la-Croux-Haute is located in the Drôme department, southeast of France. This commune has a population of around 5,800 people and is home to several large companies. It is a relatively small town but it is still a popular tourist destination.

The village is located at an altitude of 1,100 meters. The town is popular for its natural heritage and its gastronomy, particularly pies of all kinds. It is also a popular destination for people who like to spend a lot of time outdoors.

Property options

When it comes to property in Lus-la-Croux-Haute, you have many options. The town offers everything from high-end properties to bargain flats, and everything in between. For those looking for a vacation rental, the town is a great choice as there are some excellent bargain options available near the top sights.

Lus-la-Croix Haute is located in the Drome department in southeastern France. The city is surrounded by the Dauphine Alps and is located in a mountainous region. It is a popular destination for vacationers, skiers, and outdoor enthusiasts.


If you want to enjoy nature and enjoy outdoor activities, the Lus-la-Croix Haute region is a great choice. The region is home to 18 hidden gems. From hiking trails to cycling trails, this area is sure to delight nature lovers.

Cultural attractions in Lus-la-Croix Haute include the Lus Heritage Museum and the Marie-Jo Parron Workshop. You can also visit the Terre Vivante Eco-Centre, which is close to the town.

Travel options

If you want to visit Lus-la-Croix Haute in France, there are many ways to get there. One of the best ways is by train. There are 3 train lines that serve this town in the region of Auvergne-Rhone-Alpes. These routes have varying prices and fares.

You can take the train from Paris to Lus-la-Croix Haute. Located in the Drome department, Lus-la-Croix is a mountainous commune situated at an elevation of 2,453 meters (8,048 feet). The closest major city is Paris, which is 531 km away.

Property prices

The median list price for a house currently on the market is EUR295,000, while 80% of properties are priced between EUR109,500 and EUR337,600. The average price per square metre in Lus-la-Croux-Haute (26620) is EUR1,552. To see what your property may be worth, request a free valuation.

Property prices in Lus-la-Cropix-Haute range from budget apartments to luxury villas. You can even find affordable holiday rentals with pools and spas.

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