Pieksamaki on the Turku to Pieksamaki Passenger Line in Finland

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Pieksamaki railway station is located on the Savo line and has direct connections to Kajaani, Oulu and Rovaniemi. The station is served by trains operated by VR Group.

Pieksamaki is a city in Finland

Pieksamaki is located in southern Savonia and is a hub for the region’s forestry industry. The area has many natural attractions, such as the Keskuspuisto Park and Vehmersalmi Nature Reserve. The town also has several museums, including the Savo Railway Museum and the Internal Mission Society Museum.

The town is served by bus routes that connect to the major train lines in Finland. The buses between Pieksamaki and Helsinki, Turku, and Oulu are especially popular. The bus station is located near the city center, and it is easily accessible from most areas of the city.

The main road in the town is the main street of Pieksamaki, which runs from the railway station to the water tower. The street line is considered to be an example of an architecturally unified urban environment and is listed in the inventory of nationally significant built cultural environments. The city’s railway station is a major junction for the Finnish rail network and hosts the Savo Railway Museum. National roads 23 (Pori – Joensuu) and 72 (Mikkeli – Suonenjoki) run through the town, and national road 9 (Turku – Tohmajarvi) passes northwest of the municipality.

It is located on the Savo line

Pieksamaki is located on the Savo line, a major train route that connects Helsinki and Kouvola. The city is also home to the Savo Railway Line Museum, a historical museum that shows how trains used to operate in Finland. The museum is housed in the old station building built for the Kouvola-Kuopio line.

The town grew quickly after the construction of the Savo line. The village had its own railway station and a number of smaller passenger stations, including Partaharju, Kukkarolahti, Tahinniemi, Nikkarila, and Selkio. The importance of the station grew during war time, when it served as a distribution center for the front.

The main industry in the town is food, with about 1,100 employees. The economy also includes services, education and construction. The city is famous for its traditional foods, such as otra puro and blueberry soup. Other popular dishes include bun aces and Aunt Hanna’s cakes. The city also has a large selection of restaurants and bars.

It has a railway station

Whether you’re visiting Finland for work or leisure, traveling by train is an easy and convenient way to get around. The country’s vast expanses of natural scenery are complemented by exciting towns and cities. Many people enjoy taking the train to Helsinki for the famous architecture and the stunning lake views.

The city of Turku has several train stations, including the main station, which is located near the port. While it isn’t as well-known as Helsinki Central, it is still a busy station. It also serves ferries to the islands. It is important to check the train departure timetables before you travel, as the schedule changes often.

The main railway line in Turku has direct connections to Kajaani, Oulu, and Rovaniemi. The station is also connected to the ring lines, which provide access to Kouvola and Kuopio. There are also local lines to Naantali and Uusikaupunki, although these have been discontinued for passenger traffic. The city also has a small branch line to the Salpausselka ski arena.

It is a municipality

The municipality of Pieksamaki covers an area of 19,300 square kilometers and is home to a population of more than 17,000 people. The town is known for its natural surroundings and offers numerous activities for visitors, including hiking and fishing. Pieksamaki is also home to the Finnish Forest Museum.

The local cuisine is also very popular, and many restaurants offer a variety of dishes. Some of the most popular foods include smoked salmon, reindeer stew, and mushroom soup. The city is also famous for its kalakukko, a dish made with rye bread stuffed with fish and pork.

Getting around the city is easy, as most attractions are within walking distance of each other. However, visitors can rent a car if they wish to explore the surrounding area. Alternatively, bus and train services are available. The main train station is located in the center of town and serves a wide range of destinations, including Helsinki. In addition, the local commuter bus system operates 17 lines, with service intervals as low as two minutes during rush hours.

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