Paris to Interlaken by Rail

The Eiffel Tower, also known as La Dame de Fer, is one of the most iconic landmarks in Paris. Visitors flock to the monument for its stunning views and evening light shows.

This tour includes skip-the-line access to the Eiffel Tower. The wait to purchase tickets can be long, but your guide will keep you entertained and provide insights into the Eiffel Tower while you wait.

What to Expect

Paris to Interlaken is a relatively short journey by European train standards, with around 26 trains per day between the cities. You will usually have to change trains along the way, but with TGV, ICE or SNCF you should find plenty of luggage space & comfortable seating.

Unlike airports you don’t check in for a train, simply walk into the station concourse, look at the departure boards & head to the relevant platform (the names are written in French, German & English). Once your train is approaching it will be announced, you step up onto the platform, press the door-open button if necessary, and then get on board. If you’re travelling with a Eurail or Swiss Travel Pass you can just hop on any train that leaves before the doors close, but if you have separate non-refundable tickets then it’s best to allow a reasonable amount of time for your connection.

If you’re travelling with an ICE or Eurostar (formerly Thalys) with a through ticket then the operator will rebook you on a later train if your first one is delayed. However, you should be sure to allow a decent amount of time between trains – the minimum suggested by Omio’s system is often not enough.

When you make a reservation on our site you can select “Assign Seat” to have your seat allocated automatically, or you can choose your own seats from the map displayed when you click the Search button. In either case, seats are generally assigned no more than 30 minutes before departure & you can change your seat allocation if there are spares available.

On most EC or IC trains there’s no need to book ahead, though it’s a good idea if you’re traveling with a sleeping bag. On the other hand, if you’re travelling by couchette (rail’s version of a bunk bed) it’s best to book ahead to ensure that there are enough beds for you & your party.

If you are travelling with a sleeping bag, you should bring your own bedding with you – eg sheets & a blanket, unless you’ve booked a sleeper. You can also rent a sleeping bag from some stations if you’d prefer.

Getting There

Trains are one of the most popular methods of transportation between Paris and Interlaken West. You’ll find a few different routes, with some offering direct services and others providing connections along the way. It’s important to compare prices, times and schedules to find the best option for your trip.

If a fast journey is a priority, look out for express services that will get you there in less time. However, if you’re willing to make some changes to your itinerary, you could also find yourself on an indirect service that stops more frequently but gets you there quicker overall.

Traveling from Paris to Interlaken by train can be a fun and convenient experience. You’ll find a number of options that are available, from budget-friendly to luxurious, and all with excellent facilities on board. You’ll also find some of the most stunning scenery in the country as you glide past the picturesque mountaintops on your way to your destination.

Buses are another popular way of travelling between Paris and Interlaken, with some of the more modern options boasting comfortable seats, free Wi-Fi and power outlets on board. Some buses also offer onboard entertainment, allowing you to relax and enjoy the ride while listening to music or reading a book.

While it isn’t as fast as trains, bus travel offers the convenience of a door-to-door journey. This is particularly useful if you’re traveling with luggage or children, and it’s worth comparing timetables to find the best options for your trip.

Flights are also an option when traveling from Paris to Interlaken, with prices typically starting around 100 euros and rising during peak season. This is an ideal option if you want to get your trip started as quickly as possible and arrive at your destination within the same day.

Whatever route you choose, it’s always a good idea to book ahead of time to avoid unnecessary stress and delays on the day of departure. With Omio, booking tickets has never been easier – simply search, click and book in a few easy steps to secure your place on the route of your choice. Digital tickets live neatly in our app, meaning all you need to do is show them on your phone when you check-in for your journey.

Getting Around

Traveling from Paris to Interlaken by train is the best option for travelers looking for a balance between speed and price. The trip typically takes around 6 hours and costs between EUR69 and EUR185. Flights are an alternative, but they can be more expensive and take significantly longer to reach the destination. Rome2Rio’s travel planner compares the different options available to you and displays them in a clear and straightforward way, so you can decide which one is best for your trip.

Explore Paris with a Private Tour

See the Eiffel Tower in all its splendor and soak up Paris’s unique atmosphere on a guided tour of this iconic landmark. Spend up to two hours hopping between floors and exploring the different levels of this iconic structure. Learn about Gustave Eiffel’s design plans and admire the gorgeous views from both indoor and outdoor observation decks. If you upgrade your ticket, spend time at the summit and peek inside Gustave’s restored office (including wax figures of his daughter and Thomas Edison).

Book a private tour to enjoy exclusive access to the Eiffel Tower during its operating hours. Enjoy a personal guide to help you make the most of this iconic attraction, from learning about its history and architecture to getting up close and personal with its many quirks and mysteries. Admire the views from the platform and visit the various exhibits and attractions, including the famous gift shop and restaurant.

The best way to get from Paris to Interlaken is by train, as it offers a comfortable ride and a good combination of speed and price. SNCF’s high-speed TGV trains can whisk you across the country at speeds of up to 200 km/h. Enjoy your ride in comfort with amenities like free WiFi, power outlets, and a food carriage. Get the most out of your trip by upgrading to first class for a more spacious experience.

The main rail operator between Paris and Interlaken is Swiss Railways (SBB). SBB trains run daily, with the journey taking approximately six hours. You can also board trains from Paris Gare de Lyon to Geneva and then change trains at Basel for the trip to Interlaken.


In the wake of recent terrorist attacks, the Eiffel Tower has added additional security measures. This includes a metal detector and a 3 meter high perimeter fence. If you plan to visit the Eiffel Tower, it is recommended that you pre-purchase your tickets online. This will allow you to skip ticket lines and to enter through priority elevator security lanes. It is also possible to visit the Eiffel Tower on a Go Paris Explorer Pass or a Paris Passlib’ Pass, which both include access via elevator (see tour times).

The first floor of the Eiffel Tower offers spectacular views of Paris from above. Take in sights like Notre Dame and the Champs Elysees, or explore the 2nd floor and see Paris from a different perspective—including its dazzling glass floor. The Eiffel Tower also has stairs that provide an exercise option if you prefer.

For the best views, it’s recommended that you arrive by 18:00/6:00pm to beat the crowds. For safety reasons, the stairs close earlier than the elevators, so you won’t be able to use them after this time.

You may want to pack a light jacket for the climb up and down the stairs or a warm sweater for the evenings—it can be windy at the summit. It is also important to remember that the stairs are quite steep. If you have trouble with heights, it is not a good idea to take the stairs at all.

Traveling from Paris to Interlaken by train can be a convenient way to reach the Swiss Alps without having to worry about driving or airport transfers. It is typically a quicker journey than flying, and you can enjoy the scenery along the way.

When planning your trip, it is recommended that you book your train tickets in advance—this will usually save you money. Trains between Paris and Interlaken generally open for booking around 6 months in advance, so it’s a good idea to start looking at options when that window opens up.

To make things easier, Omio allows you to compare all available trains in one place. It will then find the cheapest tickets and help you book. It is also a great idea to buy your train tickets directly from the railway company, rather than a third party website—this will help ensure that you receive the best price and are protected in case of any delays or cancellations.

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